Spring 2011

Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities:

  • South Dakota
    21st Century Community Learning
    Center Conference
    June 27-28, Pierre

    Focusing on the whole child:
    High academic expectations, social
    and emotional needs, physical
    activity, and enjoyment of life as
    a life-long learner.

    For more information and
    to register for the conference
    click here.

Mark’s Money Tip:

   Obligations for the current
   fiscal year must be made by
   June 30, 2011. Carryover requests
   must be made within 90 days
   of the end of the grant period,
   which would be Sept. 30, 2011.

Mark Gageby is a management analyst for the South Dakota Department of Education and oversees funding for the 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant program.

Resource Corner:

   Check out Dakota Kids, Inc. !

   This program was created to reduce
   and prevent the growing epidemic
   of childhood obesity. The exercise
   and nutrition program teaches
   students "life skills" through a
   unique process of interactive

   Children learn the basics of:
         • Nutrition
         •Building self-esteem through
         goal setting.

   Children actively participate, have
   fun and learn to make healthy
   lifestyle choices they can use for the
   rest of their lives.

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   the response we get from you,
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   to discuss issues concerning your


Center Highlight:
Watertown Boys and Girls Club

    Fast Facts
Serves 3 schools – McKinley, Mellette, Roosevelt, Watertown Middle School, and the Boys and Girls Club Main Site

After-school program serves 200 students, grades K-8
Hours: Elementary 3:30-6:30 p.m.,
Middle School: 7:30-8 a.m. & 3:30-4:40 p.m.,
Main Site: 3:30-7:30 p.m.

Summer program serves 250 students
Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.

How it works:
The Boys and Girls Club of Watertown and the Watertown School District have been working together to help kids succeed in a variety of ways. Together, their 21st CCLC program provides homework assistance and high-yield learning programming to over 800 different students each year. It is a wonderful partnership because they have the same goals in mind when it comes to children and academics. They want the kids to be successful.

Why it works:
One particular reason why their 21st CCLC tutoring program, G.I.F.T. (Get It Finished Today), is successful is the fact that most of the program facilitators are classroom teachers or work within the school district. The staff members spend the day with their students; they know the subject matter and they know how to teach it. Thanks in part to the 21st CCLC grant, families also have the option of attending Kidscope right away after-school or the Boys and Girls Club main location for little or no cost.

The Proof:
“I like to visit with the staff to see how their day went, I like getting my work done on time, if it wasn’t for the Club, I don’t know what I would do after school.” - Dylan Morris, Age 12.

“You can read and do homework, I like it because we get ‘BE GREAT’ boxes for doing our homework.” - Tony Lowe, Age 8.

“I like coming to Power Hour because I get help on stuff that I don’t understand and the staff members make it more fun to do.” - Hope Schnabel, Age 11.

“I like Power Hour because you learn new things, it kind of inspires you to do your homework everyday so you don’t need to do it at home.” - Karigan Zietz, Age 10.


And the winner is…

    The Boys and Girls Club is committed to providing their members with a sense of accomplishment through recognition; the staff recognizes good behaviors daily by catching the members exhibiting positive character and awarding them “Be GREAT” boxes.

Monthly awards are also given that include: Boy and Girl of the Month, Teen of the Month and others. The most exciting recognition event happens every spring during the annual Awards Night.

Members are given an envelope several weeks prior to the event stating that they have been nominated for an award. They don’t know what they have been nominated for, but they are excited to have been selected as a nominee.

On the evening of the event, the nominees, families and staff members all dress up in their nicest clothing and head to the Event Center Heritage Theatre. The evening is filled with fun and anticipation as the members find out what they have been nominated for and who the winner is in each category.

To make them all feel like winners, all nominees are invited on stage and given a certificate for their efforts. The winners get a trophy and all members leave with a wonderful feeling of success and belonging. “It is truly a magical night that our staff members and Club members all look forward to each and every year,” said Louis Canfield, program director.


Wellness Tip

    Need a summer project? Grow a Garden!
Gardening is simpler and easier than you might think. Some plants can grow in just about anything! Have a contest to see who can create the most interesting or innovative planter. The possibilities are endless! Show kids that produce doesn’t just come from the store. Click here for some gardening tips and tricks.


       Sue Burgard, S.D. Department of Education
       (605) 773-5238

       Jill Cotton, S.D. Department of Education
       (605) 773-4693