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A Note from Sandra

Here we are embarking on another program year – agreements are coming in thick and fast, telephones are ringing and emails are flashing with questions and answers going between staff members at agencies and Child & Adult Nutrition Services (CANS). Everyone is operating at top of their game! Thank you for your efforts.

There are changes in most child nutrition programs due to the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010. The anticipated changes were presented in a webinar last spring. Information was provided as it came in during the school year. The “to-date” changes were presented at conferences this summer. A summary is on the CANS reauthorization page with links to the specific USDA policies that give the details. Please contact a CANS staff member when questions arise.

Child & Adult Nutrition Services has two new, very capable staff members – Cheriee Watterson and Sami Beilke. Cheriee took the NSLP responsibilities after Marlyce retired, and Sami has taken FFVP and technical assistance/CN Institute.

CANS has received three grants to date – and expecting word any date on a fourth one. The first one has been in progress for a while as we work to implement an electronic direct certification system. It was a planning grant and at the end we will apply for an implementation grant.

The second grant is a US Department of Agriculture Administrative Review and Training grant which will be used to obtain an internet-based computer system to manage the School Nutrition Programs – NSLP, SBP, seamless summer and FFVP including agreements, reviews, and claims payments. We will be searching for funds to obtain a system to manage Summer Food Service, Child & Adult Care Food Program, and the additional food distribution programs.

The third set of funds is reallocated administration money from USDA which will be used to obtain an internet-based computer system to manage the food distribution programs for schools.

The fourth one which we are very hopeful of is the next Team Nutrition & Training Grant. This is used to fund activities and mini-grants which provides opportunities for nutrition education in schools, centers, summer programs, and childcare.

An internal change is that the order blank for USDA foods is now due by the 12th of the month. This will allow for better service in obtaining processed foods. Due to the upcoming changes in the Pierre Post Office, we strongly urge schools to use the email to receive and place orders for foods. It happens much more quickly and you receive a response that the order blank was received. No more lost in the mail nor misdialed fax numbers! Contact Lynette at 773-4353 to arrange for this process.

Best wishes in the coming year as we work to provide a healthy environment for all in our agencies.

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New School Food Service Manager Training

Child and Adult Nutrition Services (CANS) has scheduled a 1-1/2 day training opportunity for new school/agency food service managers. The training is especially helpful for school food service managers who were new either last school year (2010-11) or this school year (2011-12). The training will take place in Pierre at the MacKay Building, Conference Room #1 which is located on the first floor. The address of the MacKay Building (formerly the State Library) is 800 Governors Drive, Pierre SD.

Attendance is strongly recommended. CANS will cover the cost of the instructor, materials, and facility. Your expense will be travel, meals, and lodging if needed. These are legitimate expenses for the food service program. If it is necessary to have a substitute take your place at school that is also a legitimate expense. There will be a $25 fee assessed to your school/agency for each person who is registered but does not show up for class.

The class will be limited to 25 people so fax back early to reserve a seat. Click here for the registration form. Registrations must be received no later than September 23, 2011.

What to bring?
A pen or pencil, notepaper, and a calculator
Sweater or light jacket – meeting rooms can be chilly
Forms or manuals that you have questions about
A recipe or production record that you would like to work on.

The class will run from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. (CDT) Thursday, October 6, with a 1-hour lunch break, and continue on Friday, October 7, from 8:00 a.m. to noon (CDT). This is the same class that was taught at the state conference in Rapid City.

General topics to be included in the training are: managing food service, resources, meal patterns and menu planning, production records, USDA Foods, a la carte food, special diets, purchasing, budgets, inventory, food safety, nutrition education.

Notice is further given to individuals with disabilities that this training is being held in a physically accessible place. Accessible parking is also available. Please notify the Department of Education, Child and Adult Nutrition Services two weeks prior to the training if you have special needs for which this agency will need to make arrangements. Call about requests for alternative formats and/or interpreters: Disk, Braille, Large Print, Interpreter, or Other (please specify). Also, please note if you need any special medical or dietary needs. Contact Shar at (605) 773-3413 with requests for special needs accommodations.

Contact Cheriee Watterson at or (605) 773-3610 if you have questions about the class.

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Wrap Up Summer Feeding

A big thank you goes to the schools for promoting the local summer feeding programs in their areas! You have done a great service to your community by informing eligible families of the availability and location of free meals for students when the regular school year was over.

South Dakota had a total of 35 sponsors and 69 feeding sites for Summer Food Service Program and there were 31 schools with 46 feeding sites participating in the NSLP Seamless Summer Option. Thank you to all the schools who participated in these programs and giving of yourself for the communities you work in.

This year we had a few national programs come to South Dakota and see how we address feeding the hungry children in South Dakota. We hosted Facing Hunger in America and USDA staff members this summer.

The Facing Hunger in America contacted us to visit a summer feeding location as part of their journey across the 50 states gathering information on how hunger is being addressed by our nation. They are blogging about each state they visit at The Mobridge-Pollock school district hosted the team and showcased their foodservice program. A big thank you is sent to Pearl Haux and her staff for a willingness to share what they are doing in their community.

The United States Department of Agriculture team came to South Dakota to do a story and video on summer feeding programs and Let’s Move in Indian Country. The USDA Blog highlighted the visit to South Dakota. Thank you Cheyenne River BIA Schools at Eagle Butte and Stacie Lee’s staff along with the Rosebud Sioux Tribe – Elderly Nutrition Program who conducts the summer food service program with Pam Giroux’s guidance for hosting the team.

If you have any interest in the summer programs and for additional information, contact the Summer Food Service Coordinator at Child and Adult Nutrition Services, Julie McCord at (605) 773-3110 or go to: This agency is an equal opportunity provider.

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Building for the Future with the CACFP

The National Child Care Information and Technical Assistance Center (NCCIC) Library

The NCCIC Library collection contains over 20,000 summaries and availability information for published documents of interest to policymakers, administrators, practitioners, researchers and other members of the child care community. Links to full-text publications about child care and school-age issues are provided when available. If you go to their library search page you can search their library resources whenever you would like. Click here to go to the NCCIC Library's webpage.

Mealtime Memos for Child Care

The May, June, July, and August issues of Mealtime Memo for Child Care, the monthly newsletter that includes menus, recipes, and activities related to child care, are now online.

May 2011 – Along the Garden Path
In this issue of Mealtime Memo you will find information about:
• Options Abound
• USDA People's Garden Initiative
• Master Gardeners
• Community Supported Agriculture
• American Community Garden Association
• Farmers Markets
• School Gardens
• Visit a Local Nursery
• Botanical Gardens
• Grow It! Try It! Like It!

June 2011 – Cool, Calm, and Prepared

In this issue of Mealtime Memo for Child Care you will find information about:
• P - Post Emergency Numbers and Information in Easy to See Locations
• L - Let Staff know their roles and responsibilities through training and practice drills
• A - Ask parents to keep records up to date for emergency contact information
• N - Note outcomes and adjust as needed

July 2011 – Connect with Local Nutrition Resources

In this issue of Mealtime Memo for Child Care you will find information about:
• Registered Dietitians
• Extension Educators
• Local Universities and Community Colleges
• Educators of Young Children
• CACFP Sponsoring Organizations
• Choose a Nutrition Source Wisely

August 2011 – Celebration Ideas for Happy, Healthy Events
In this issue of Mealtime Memo for Child Care you will find information about:
• Culinary colors
• Nutrition by the numbers
• Luscious letters

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USDA Food Distribution Update

Order blank changes – the LAST day to submit an order will be on the 12 day of each month. Please place your order early. Some changes have been made with the processed orders. The orders schools request will be what we order with the processor. The shortened date will give the processors more lead time to get the orders back to the warehouse.

Postal changes – S.D. Government offices will be seeing changes with postal services in the upcoming months which delays mail delivery to Pierre offices. Contacting Lynette Thum, to setup an email letter. Lynette will send you an email with all the order blank information. We will also send a hard copy in the regular mail that will have your entitlement breakdown. The day we send the order information by mail, you will have an electronic copy to start working on placing your order. This will assist us with having a shorter turnaround time for processed products.

Produce – We have been receiving phone calls requesting a release of fresh produce funds with the Department of Defense (DoD). What has happened is if you did not request funds in produce on the January entitlement survey or did not return a survey in January requesting A/B entitlement set aside in Group D produce, no funds were allocated to your school. We are working with DoD to find a solution for schools, that would still like to purchase fresh produce, that do not have entitlement set aside with DoD. Continue to watch this newsletter, the order blank letter and your email for upcoming announcements.

Manifests – The current month and one month previous can be found at: You will need to know which week you receive your delivery. Once you click on your week you will need to look for your school name (should be alphabetical).

NOI (net off invoicing) – A meeting is being planned for the 2012-13 school year purchases for NOI on October 4, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Cross Roads Convention Center in Huron, SD. A Live Meeting for a NOI pre-conference training will also be held on September 14. Watch your email for the time.

Order blanks – We have been working to update your Entitlement information on your order blanks. If you did not choose to have fresh produce entitlement, the system automatically gave all schools entitlement. We have been redistributing based on your January survey requests. Since Part D entitlement comes out of A/B entitlement, we added part D back into A/B.

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Water must be available during school meal service

Reauthorization requires agencies participating in the NSLP to make water available to children at no charge in the place where meals are served during meal service. There are a variety of ways that schools can implement this requirement. For example, schools can offer covered water pitchers and cups, a water fountain in or just outside the eating area, or a faucet that allows students to fill their own bottles or cups with drinking water. Whatever solution is chosen, the water must be available without restriction in the location where meals are served.

The milk requirement has changed

School food authorities must offer at least two choices from the following: fat-free milk (flavored or unflavored), low-fat (1%) milk (cannot be flavored), fat-free or low-fat lactose reduced milk, fat-free or low-fat lactose-free milk, fat-free or low-fat buttermilk, and fat-free or low-fat acidified milk. Such products must be pasteurized fluid milk that meets State and local standards.

If you have any questions about these new requirements, please contact the CANS office at (605) 773-3413.

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Farm To School

South Dakota’s young Farm to School programs are just getting started. However, if you have any Farm to School activities to report for August or September, please send Sami a brief description of those activities. Farm to School activities will be shared with our regional office. If you have any questions regarding Farm to School, feel free to contact Sami Beilke at (605) 773-2977.

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Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program Update

Letters were sent out at the end of July stating the allocation amount for each participating site on the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program. An addendum was also included with the authorized representative’s allocation letter. This addendum is necessary to participate in the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program and should be signed and returned to our office as soon as possible with the original signature. Our agency is unable to pay any FFVP claims until they have this signed addendum on file.

Remember, the first allocation amount needs to be used by the end of September. Unspent funds from the first allocation cannot be carried over or combined with the second allocation of money.

If you have not received the above letter and addendum for participation in the FFVP or have any questions about the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program, please feel free to contact Sami Beilke at (605) 773-2977.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers a fruit and vegetable of the month. September’s vegetable of the month is a chili pepper. Chilies are an excellent source of vitamin C if one can withstand their powerful bite. Contrary to the popular belief, the hottest part of the chili pepper is not the seeds but where the seed attaches to the white membrane inside the pepper because this area has the highest concentration of capsaicinoids (flavorless, odorless substances that act on pain receptors in the mouth and throat), according to the CDC. Click here for more information about chili pepper.

September’s fruit of the month is a fig. Did you know a fig is the only fruit to ripen on the tree? Dried figs are also an excellent replacement for fat in baked goods. Click here for more information about figs and a fig puree recipe.

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Fruits And Vegetables Galore Helping Kids Eat More

Fruits and Vegetables Galore is a tool for school foodservice professionals packed with tips on planning, purchasing, protecting, preparing, presenting and promoting fruits and vegetables. Use Fruits & Vegetables Galore to help rejuvenate your cafeteria with colorful fruits and vegetables. Dress up your serving line to draw attention to fruits and vegetables to encourage children to make these selections. Solicit the cooperation of teachers by providing them with teaching tools or by supporting their educational efforts. Make your daily meal offerings competitive with other commercial options available to students. Use all these materials to get students excited about eating healthfully.

CANS has several copies available. To order copies, contact Shar Venjohn in the Cans office at (605) 773-3413

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CANS Welcomes 2 New People

Cheriee Watterson

Hello everyone, I am Cheriee Watterson. I was born and raised just north of the twin cities in MN. I went to college at St Cloud State University in MN. I am married to a wonderful fella, Brian, who is an accountant over at Department of Transportation. We have a dog and two cats that came from the shelter or were foundlings.

I have been involved in food safety for over 10 years. I think protecting food safety is extremely important, and I love to talk about it. Before joining CANS I worked for the Department of Public Safety as an Inspector. Since starting with CANS in late May I have had the opportunity to meet many of you at Institute and the state conference. I am taking over the lunch, breakfast, and milk programs for Marlyce Micklos who retired earlier this year. I am very excited to be a part of the CANS team. I look forward to meeting everyone and hoping to help whenever and wherever I can.

Sami Beilke

Sami Beilke is the new Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program coordinator for CANS. She comes to CANS from Buffalo, MN. Receiving her undergraduate degree in nutrition and exercise science from Concordia College in Moorhead, MN and completing her dietetic internship through USD, she is looking forward to officially becoming a Registered Dietitian and utilizing her education through the State of South Dakota. Sami’s everyday philosophy—‘play like a champion’—will continue while employed with CANS, in hopes to instill the same passion to be the best each and every day in others. When not working, Sami enjoys running, camping, traveling, and cheering on the MN Twins (regardless of their record).

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Useful Links

Check out the useful links below to keep updated on healthy practices in your child nutrition programs. Consider bookmarking them on your computer for easier access.

Child & Adult Nutrition Services
Nutrition Bulletin
Team Nutrition

Coordinated School Health – Working partnership between the SD Departments of Education and Health to coordinate programming to improve the health and educational outcomes of young people.
News Infused e-newsletter

School Nutrition Association of SD (SNASD)

Fuel Up to Play 60 – Check out this website for resources on healthy eating and physical activity ideas promoting school wellness along with opportunities for obtaining monies for your program. Several contests starting now.
E-Newsletter - check out this website for information on living healthy

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Great Trays - Ideas For Implementing The Proposed Meal Pattern

The School Nutrition Association is providing free webinars on the proposed school meal patterns. The webinars can be accessed at

Individuals from the Minnesota Department of Health and school foodservice directors in Minnesota were featurned on the webinar held August 24. The Minnesota Department of Health was awarded a two-year $2.3 million grant from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention—to implement Great Trays. Great Trays was designed to help schools provide nutritious meals by sharing information, tools and resources that are based on the USDA’s proposed rule for National School Lunch Program nutrition standards. Three key strategies are addressed by in the program: menu planning, program promotion, and cooperative purchasing. To access more information about how Great Trays can be beneficial to your school foodservice, visit

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Fuel Up To Play 60

The following is written by Katie Osmundson,
National Student Ambassador for Fuel Up To Play 60

Fuel up to Play 60 is a national effort to encourage activity in student-run efforts. A South Dakota student has achieved a high honor by becoming a national ambassador. Katie Osmundson, a 5th grader from Robert Frost Elementary school in Sioux Falls, has written a letter explaining and encouraging participation. Katie is one of only eight National Student Ambassadors for a program called Fuel Up to Play 60. Below is her story about how she got involved with this program.

I became interested in Fuel Up to Play 60 when my principal found the website “” I was interested in Fuel Up to Play 60 because I knew it would be great for my friends and my school. Kids just sit around at recess and make unhealthy food choices at lunch. They eat things like potato chips and candy and do not drink enough milk. Instead of running around outside for recess and playing games, they sit around and talk and are not active. I thought Fuel Up to Play 60 could change that by encouraging kids to eat healthy and be active for 60 minutes a day.

My mom was interested too. She became my school’s program advisor and implemented it at our school with help from our Wellness Council. The Wellness Council is a group of students in grades 3rd through 5th that want to make healthy changes at our school. We all went online to “” and signed up to take the pledge. We started doing Fuel Up to Play 60 Challenges in our school. We brought in a taste test and gave everyone a plum. Almost everyone liked it! Some even started begging their parents to buy more plums for home. We also started the Walk It Challenge!, where we gave out pedometers and sheets for kids to record their steps. Kids were still wearing their pedometers to walk along our school track even after the Challenge was over. We brought in Zumba classes, had assemblies with skits to get kids excited, made healthy snack recipe books for all the students, put up milk mustache posters, and even had a Halloween Challenge where we encouraged kids to not eat all their candy.

I would log onto the website often to check for updates and track my food and activity. I saw that you could sign up to be a National Student Ambassador. I knew right away that this was the job for me. I filled out the application by myself and sent it off to Fuel Up to Play 60. Later, I got an email that I was chosen! On July 14th, I would leave for Washington D.C. for a leadership training summit. I met a lot of new people and made a lot more friends that I love to email. I learned a lot of great ideas that I plan to implement in my school this next year, such as a Walk-a-Marathon Challenge. I also learned about how to talk about Fuel Up to Play 60 through the media training. I got to meet St. Louis Rams Quarterback Sam Bradford and Chef Carla Hall. I loved the cooking demonstration and now make my own granola at home. Seeing the Washington D.C. sites was also a highlight.

I think Fuel Up to Play 60 is a great program because it helps prevent childhood obesity. That is when children eat too much unhealthy food and don’t exercise and become overweight. I also like Fuel Up to Play 60 because students like me get to be the leader in the program, come up with ideas and put them into action. I feel Fuel Up to Play 60 really believes in kids and cares what kind of lives they live.

I hope you choose Fuel Up to Play 60 for yourself, your family and your school. Remember that if you ever need any help with Fuel Up to Play 60, I would love to help you out.

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TEFAP – 12th – New Deadline For USDA Food Orders

The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) USDA foods order blanks are sent out to agencies early the first week of each month. The new deadline is the 12th of the month or earlier! We do not want anyone to miss placing an order because they missed the deadline.

In July the household eligibility criteria was updated and you should be using the new guidance. The forms can be located on under “Other Documents.”

Remember to complete the annual Civil Rights Training also found on the website. If your staff completed Civil Rights Training A last year, please plan to complete either the Training B or C this year.

For questions relating to food pantries and soup kitchens on TEFAP, contact Julie McCord, (605) 773-3110.

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Healthy Rice Bowls Contest

Calling all K-12 school foodservice directors and menu planners! It’s that time of the year again—September National Rice Month and USA Rice Federation’s annual “Healthy Rice Bowls Contest”! Rice bowls encourage healthier eating habits in students, help schools meet the U.S. Dietary Guidelines recommendation for more whole grains on the menu and fit students’ desires for more global flavors.

Entries will be accepted Thursday, September 1 through Friday, October 28, 2011. Winners will be promoted on USA Rice’s foodservice website, and will receive

Grand Prize $250 VISA gift card toward their school’s education fund Two Aroma® rice cookers: one commercial size cooker for their school and one consumer size cooker for home

First and Second Runners-Up Each receives a commercial rice cooker for his/her school

Last year’s winner, Cynthia Ruffin, Child Nutrition Director for St. Charles Parish Public Schools, increased lunch participation by 24% with her creative “Build-A-Bowl” rice bar featuring three options: Sweet and Spicy Chicken Rice Bowl, Thai Curry Rice Bowl and California Sushi Rice Bowl. “Introducing new flavors was such a success that we are planning to feature the rice bowl bar regularly,” said Ruffin.

Click here for more entry information, rules and regulations

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Share Your Breakfast Grant Money

Your school may be eligible for a Share Your Breakfast™ grant during the 2011-2012 school year, courtesy of Kellogg’s and Action for Healthy Kids.

The grants range from $750-$1,000 and also include significant in-kind contributions from Action for Healthy Kids in the form of people, programs, and policy expertise. (We’ll also provide schools with management, expertise and support to develop alternative breakfast programs or start universal breakfast programs.)

Grant award amounts will be based on building enrollment, project type, potential increases in participation, and a school’s ability to mobilize parents and students around school breakfast initiatives. All schools meeting stated requirements will be eligible for funding. However, priority selection will be given to schools with school populations greater than 500 students, average daily participation around 35%, and a free and reduced meals percentage greater than 50%.

Click here for more information on how to apply.

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