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A Note from Sandra

If you saw a heat wave, would you wave back? ~ Steven Wright

The wheels of technology will soon be rolling quickly in the Child & Adult Nutrition Services. We have entered into two contracts to implement the next phases of iCAN and direct certification. The two phases of iCAN are to bring school nutrition programs, child care, and summer food onto the system. Agency agreements and claims for reimbursement will be done online. It should reduce the amount of paper that is passed back and forth, increase accuracy, and speed up the annual approval process. The direct certification process will increase the frequency of matches and will eventually include more programs that directly certify students in addition to the required SNAP match. We are pleased to be moving into this process. The result will be less time on paperwork, and more time available for technical assistance and training.

In the meantime, the changes because of the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids continue. As noted previously, comments on the interim rule for Smart Snacks (competitive foods) are due in early October. Wellness policies are to be updated, and breakfast changes have been implemented. No further word has been received to date on the CACFP meal pattern changes or the training requirements for food service directors and employees.

National School Lunch Week is in October! Enjoy the celebration and promote your programs. There are some great things happening in the lunchroom – keep up the good work and let folks know what you are doing!

We were pleased to visit various sites in western SD with Deputy Under Secretary for Food and Nutrition Services Janey Thornton the week of September 23. She visited the Child & Adult Care Food Program at Youth & Family Services in Rapid City where we observed meal service and talked with program staff about CACFP, funding opportunities, and changes in the program. Ms. Thornton also had a conversation with Rapid City food service directors from the public and parochial school and a good discussion about how changes are going. Site visits were made to Cheyenne River BIE School in Eagle Butte and the Little Wound School in Kyle. In addition to Ms. Thornton, other visitors included Ms. Leslie Wheelock, Office of Tribal Relations Director, and Mountain Plains Regional Office staff including Regional Administrator Darlene Barnes, Special Nutrition Programs Division Director Darlene Sanchez, and Public Information Specialist Devin Koontz.

L to R: Julie McCord SD Dept. of Education; Sharon Oney, Youth & Family Services; Janey Thornton, USDA Deputy Under Secretary – Washington, DC; Sandra Kangas, SD Dept. of Education, Director Child & Adult Nutrition Services; Darlene Barnes, USDA Mountain Plains Regional Administrator - Denver; Leslie Wheelock, USDA Director Office of Tribal Relations – Washington, DC; Darcie Decker, Youth & Family Services; Darlene Sanchez, USDA Mountain Plains Region Special Nutrition Programs Division Director; Patty Cresalia,Youth & Family Services; and Melissa Byars, Youth & Family Services

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NSLP Food Distribution (FD)

Notices will be sent to schools via iCAN email address:

  • The manual you received at the iCAN training is your reference book for using iCAN. Refer to page three for your index of how to.

  • We will be making a change on iCAN policies
       - If you have a change in Program Contact, Billing Contact or Ordering Contact for your district the change will need to be done through the CANS office staff.
       - The new contact will need to have a valid email address.
       - Starting September 23, 2013, these changes will need to go through either Pam or Mark.
       - Email,, or

  • The webinar training for the iCAN website is available to access on the FD webpage.
       - After completing the training the new person will need to complete the test also on the FD website and submit the test.    - CANS staff will review the test and verify with the district listed on the test if the applicant is a member of that district and if they should have access to food distribution information.    - CANS staff will then notify the applicant of their user name and password.

  • 110346 – Beef Patty 90/10 2.8 oz. raw patty equals 2.0 mm/a 40 pound case.    - This was a highly requested item (1713 cases) on the survey. Enough to warrant ordering two truckloads (1900 cases) of the product.
       - Schools have only been ordering an average of 100 cases per month. So far only 300 cases have been ordered.
       - If schools choose to not utilize this item I will be looking to another State to move this product to, prior to expiration.
       - This will result in a decrease in SD school entitlement available and an increase in the recipient State’s entitlement available.

  • Shipping notice: You may have noticed that your order status is showing shipped for September and October. The orders will still ship as planned. The status reporting is just showing incorrectly at this time.

  • Over, shortage and damaged report: The OS&D report is showing they are due November 7th. This is also incorrect they will be due within 5 days of receiving your actual delivery.

  • Invoicing: Your invoice will be processed the Thursday following your delivery week. Example: Delivery week Sept. 23 - 27, 2013, invoice will be posted Oct. 3, 2013. The billing contact will receive an email notice stating they can view the invoice. Please send your payment as soon as possible following your email notification.

  • Central Valley Meat Recall: Central Valley Meat (CVM) of Hanford, California, has had a recall of NSLP USDA Food School lunch ground beef. This does not affect South Dakota ground beef. The CVM recall was only for Arkansas, California, Montana and Texas. You will receive an email notification if this recall is expanded. Once again South Dakota does not have product from CVM.

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    Electronic Claim Forms Available

    Electronic claim forms for NSLP, SBP, SMP, CACFP, SFSP are all available on the CANS webpage.

    When you are on the site, click on the program for which you want the claim form. Scroll down to the section box which is Claim Forms for 2013-14. Click on the form, download and save to your file. The claim forms are in Excel Format and will automatically calculate.

    If you need assistance feel free to contact Phyllis Tomkiewicz at (605) 773-3456.

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    October Data Survey Information

    The October Data Survey instruction and report forms can be downloaded at the Child and Adult Nutrition Services National School Lunch and School Breakfast Program webpage. Look under Documents along the right hand side for October Survey 2014. Be sure to read the instructions as there are a few changes for the 2013-14 school year. Forms will not be mailed unless a school or agency notifies CANS that they are not able to download the information.

    The survey must be returned to CANS by November 8, 2013 to assure your October claim for reimbursement will be processed without any delays. Remember information MUST be broken out by elementary grades, middle school grades, and high school grades and should match the attendance centers you listed in Part 1, (F), Site Summary of your annual agreement. Be sure to read the instruction pages if you have serving sites which serve a combination of grades. No one is exempt from completing the October Data Survey.

    CANS collects data each October which is a compilation of numbers for the month of October only. The information from this survey is used for many purposes and is required by federal regulation. The information is used for selecting sites to be visited during the school food authority’s review, determines site eligibility for the School Breakfast Program severe need option, Summer Food Service Program, and Daycare Home tier level. It is also used for reporting prices paid by children in our state for breakfast and lunch in the annual report to the American School Food Service Association, for data in response to questions by Congress and USDA, and reporting site eligibility to the National Center for Education Statistics for the core summary data. Several programs use the data including determination of e-rate and need for various title programs and grants.

    Submit the October Data Survey to the CANS office by mail, fax (605-773-6846) or email to

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    October Survey Important Information

    November 10 – Deadline to submit October Data Survey to CANS office by mail, fax (605-773-6846) or email to

    Survey is found on the CANS NSLP webpage, under the “Documents” tab “October Site Survey”

    Deadlines for Verification are:

    October 1 – Count applications approved for reduced price and free meals. Applications that are in “carry-over” status on October 1 are not included in this count.

    October 31 – Count students approved for reduced price and free meals. Students that are in “carry-over” status on October 31 are not included in this count.

    November 15 – Complete all verification activities.

    December 15 – Deadline to complete reporting of Verification results and submit Verification Summary Report 742SD to the CANS office by mail, fax (605-773-6846) or email to

    The Verification guidance memo and reporting form are currently under revision will be posted soon on the CANS NSLP webpage either under numbered memos or under the “Documents” tab Verification Guidance Memo & Summary Report.

    Live webinars scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 24 from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. (CST) for October survey and Friday, Oct. 25, 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. (CST) for Verification. Details of each webinar will be emailed.

    If your have questions about the October Survey or Verification call the CANS office at (605)-773-3413 and ask for assistance.

    New prerecorded webinars are now available

    The following school breakfast and lunch webinar have been revised and posted for you to view at your own pace. These webinars include all the latest guidance from USDA FNS.
         Breakfast Meal Pattern Requirements
         Lunch Meal Pattern requirements
         Production Records part 1 and 2
         Breakfast Offer versus Serve
         Lunch Offer versus Serve

    Celebrate National School Lunch week October 14 -18, 2013. The theme is “School Lunch Across the USA” for ideas and tips to make it a great celebration in your school check out the SNA website.

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    FFVP – Equipment Justification Forms

    If your school participates in the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program, check out the FFVP page for documents related to the program, including the Equipment Justification and Purchase Form. Of the total allocation amount awarded to the individual site for SY2013-14, no more than 10% of the total can be used toward administrative funds, and purchasing of equipment. Equipment Justification Forms, along with a printout description of the equipment to purchase, should be submitted before the actual purchase of the equipment.

    After the site has been given notification that a piece of equipment can be purchased, the site can go ahead with the purchase. Once the equipment has been received, the purchase of the equipment is to be listed on the corresponding monthly claim of reimbursement, along with the submission of an invoice.

    Contact with any other questions regarding equipment purchases and the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program.

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    CACFPBuilding for the Future with the CACFP

    Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) Meal Pattern Clarifications

    Please note that some of the meal pattern changes for the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and School Breakfast Program (SBP) do not apply to agencies that work specifically with the Child and Adult Care Food Program. The two most common issues are:

    • New guidance in the NSLP and SBP allows dried whole fruits and dried whole fruit pieces to be credited for twice the volume served (e.g. 1/8 c dried fruit = ¼ cup fruit).
    • New guidance in the NSLP and SBP only allow that leafy salad greens be credited for half the volume served (e.g. ¼ leafy greens = 1/8 cup vegetable).

    These two pieces do not currently apply to the Child and Adult Care Food Program. When the proposed changes to the CACFP meal pattern requirements are published we may find that these are two proposed changes. At this time, we do not have the same requirements/allowances.

    The National Child Care Information and Technical Assistance Center (NCCIC) Library

    The NCCIC Library collection contains over 20,000 summaries and availability information for published documents of interest to policymakers, administrators, practitioners, researchers and other members of the child care community. Links to full-text publications about child care and school-age issues are provided when available. If you go to their library search page you can search their library resources whenever you would like. Click here to access the NCCIC Library.

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    Breakfast Meal Pattern Changes

    This is just a brief overview of the main changes for the School Breakfast Program in SY2013-14. For more information, please follow below links, or contact the CANS Office.

    Most of the changes to breakfast go into effect in 2013-14. These changes include:

    - Half of the grains offered during the week must be whole grain-rich
    - Daily and weekly grain minimum amounts are in effect. A reminder that weekly maximums on grains is lifted for SY2013-14 for both breakfast and lunch, however the calorie ranges and saturated fat limits still apply
    - Zero grams of trans fat per portion is required
    - Components for breakfast include: grain, fruit/vegetable, and milk – however, meat/meat alternate food items can count toward the grain component once the daily grain minimum has been met

    For a complete breakdown of the changes to the breakfast meal pattern, read the Plan for SBP Changes.

    For a summary of both lunch and breakfast requirements, in accordance with varying week lengths. To learn more read the Short and Long Weeks Calculations and Summary.

    Please feel free to contact or with any questions on the changes to the breakfast meal pattern.

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    New Breakfast Menu Certification Tool

    USDA recently released an updated 5-day menu certification tool for the breakfast meal pattern. There are no changes to the lunch menu certification tool. SFAs that have not yet submitted for menu certification still have the opportunity to submit early in the school year, however, the new breakfast menu certification tool must be used, in addition to the original lunch menu certification tool.

    The tools can still be found in USDA’s list of memos, under USDA Memo 34. Feel free to follow the link, and scroll down to USDA Memo 34 to check out the new tools! USDA MEMO 34

    Please feel free to contact with any questions on the new breakfast menu certification tool.

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    Updated Policy Memos

    The following memos regarding SFA responsibilities have been placed on the USDA policy memos website since the last Nutrition Bulletin. The USDA websites are undergoing changes. If you cannot find them on the site, try a search or contact CANS office for assistance. No new policy memos have been issued for NSLP that affect program administration and operation at the local level. School Meal policy memos can be found at

    No new policy memos or proposed regulations have been issued for Child & Adult Care Food Program. Memos can be found at

    No new policy memos have been issued for Summer Food Service Program or Food Distribution Program.

    Proposed Regulations

    Summer Food Service -
    Comments on the proposed rule for Simplified Cost Accounting and Other Actions To Reduce Paperwork in the Summer Food Service Program and National School Lunch Notice Procedures are due on or before October 10, 2013.

    This rule proposes to codify the nondiscretionary simplified cost accounting and reporting procedures established in the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2008 (Pub. L. 110–161), and make discretionary changes to the SFSP regulations to improve management of the Program and reduce paperwork requirements. Some of the proposed changes include:

    National School Lunch Program – Smart Snacks interim regulation can be found at

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    USDA Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Study

    USDA recently released a report that uses 2005 data to determine which schools already met the 2012 weekly and daily standards for fruits and vegetables, and investigates whether students who attended those schools ate more fruits and vegetables than did other students.

    The study found that students in schools that offered greater quantities of fruits and vegetables consumed more of these foods. However, many students did not eat any fruits and vegetables, implying that additional methods may need to be considered in order to achieve the goal of having students meet nutritional goals of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

    Students who were offered fruit, dark green vegetables, red/orange vegetables, or “other” vegetables in amounts that would meet a daily standard for those foods ate more of those vegetables than students who were offered amounts that did not meet daily standards. In addition, students at schools that had no a la carte options, or only healthy a la carte options had a higher intake of dark green vegetables.

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    Make your day a Rainbow Day

    Hosting a Rainbow Day at your school is a great way to acclimate your students to a salad bar and introduce them to the concept of eating their colors. On Rainbow Day, students are challenged with the task of creating a “rainbow” on their tray out of the fruits and vegetables offered at the salad bar. When they have finished eating their rainbow, they receive a sticker or other small reward to encourage healthy eating habits.

    Students can only receive the sticker after eating everything they chose – therefore preventing unnecessary waste. After Rainbow Days students feel more confident making choices at the salad bar, learn seasonal eating as they see the offerings change on a regular basis, and generally tend to eat more of the fresh fruits and vegetables offered to them.

    For more information, download the PDF: Rainbow Day Information. Information provided from

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    Let’s Move Blog

    The ‘Let’s Move Blog’ is a great place to keep up to date with the Let’s Move campaign, which focuses on overall wellness for a healthier tomorrow.

    According to the CDC, approximately one fourth of children do not drink any water on a given day.

    The Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) announced a new effort – Drink Up – to encourage everyone to drink more water, an easy choice to improve health and well-being every day. This new effort will remind people that drinking more water helps you have more energy to do more, longer and with better focus. To learn more about Drink Up, visit

    Other Recent articles include:
    • Reach Your Goals: Start with a Healthy Breakfast
    • Back to School with MyPlate Kids’ Place
    • Looking Back at this Summer’s Let’s Read! Let’s Move!

    Visit the ‘Let’s Move Blog’ Back to Top

    Three Teens Challenge Young Kids to Eat Healthy

    Teens from Stevens High School in Rapid City, SD promote eating healthy to elementary school students by implementing Harvest of the Month. Click here for the full story. Back to Top

    Life’s a garden; Dig It!

    A Team Nutrition mini-grant partly helped fund a garden at a camp. For more information, and to view the full story, click here. Back to Top


    Congratulations to the following school districts/agencies that have achieved menu certification. You are commended for your work in meeting the new meal pattern requirements!

    November Certifications
    Alcester-Hudson School District
    Belle Fourche School District
    Castlewood School District
    Centerville School District
    Hot Springs School District
    Huron School District
    Irene-Wakonda School District
    Madison Central School District
    Marion School District
    Vermillion School District
    Winner School District

    December Certifications
    Aberdeen School District
    Bennett County School District
    Bethesda Lutheran School
    Chamberlain School District
    Christian Center Elementary School
    Corsica School District
    Custer School District
    Dakota Valley School District
    Dell Rapids School District
    East Dakota Educational Cooperative
    Flandreau School District
    Gayville-Volin School District
    Grant-Deuel School District
    Hill City School District
    Jones County
    Kadoka Area School District
    McCook Central School District
    McCrossan Boys Ranch
    Pierre Indian Learning Center
    Sanborn Central School District
    Scotland School District
    Sioux Falls School District
    Sioux Valley School District
    Smee School District
    Spearfish School District
    St. Agnes School
    St. Thomas Aquinas School
    Viborg-Hurley School District
    White Lake School District

    January Certifications
    Arlington School District
    Avon School District
    Beresford School District
    Black Hills Works
    Bon Homme School District
    Canton School District
    Children's Care Hospital & School
    Childrens Home Society of SD
    DeSmet School District
    Dupree School District
    ECCO Inc.
    Elkton School District
    Eureka School District
    Freeman School District
    Human Service Agency-ATCO
    Immaculate Conception School
    Ipswich Public School District
    Lead-Deadwood School District
    McLaughlin School District
    Meade School District
    Milbank School District
    Minnehaha Co. Regional Detention Center
    New Underwood School District
    Northwestern Area School District
    Platte -Geddes School District
    Rapid City Area School District
    Rapid City Catholic School System
    Summit School District
    Watertown School District
    Wolsey-Wessington School District
    Yankton School District

    February Certifications
    Agar-Blunt-Onida School District
    Armour School District
    Baltic School District
    Brandon Valley School District
    Brookings School District
    Colman-Egan School District
    Deubrook Area School District
    Deuel School District
    Douglas School District
    Hoven School District
    James Valley Christian School
    Lake Preston School District
    Lyman School District
    Miller Area School District
    Oelrichs School District
    Oglala Lakota College
    Oldam-Ramona School District
    Red Cloud Indian School
    SD Dept.of Human Services
    South Central School District(Bonesteel-Fairfax)
    Stanley County School District
    Tea Area School District
    Timber Lake School District
    Wagner Community School District
    Waubay School district
    Webster Area School District
    Woonsocket School District

    March Certifications
    Andes Central School District
    Big Stone City School District
    Bowdle School District
    Britton- Hecla School District
    Edgemont School District
    Ethan School District
    Groton Area School District
    Hamlin School District
    Herreid School District
    Howard School District
    Lemmon School District
    Mobridge-Pollock School District
    Mount Vernon School District
    Our Home Inc.
    Parker School District
    Pierre Public School
    Plankinton School District
    Porcupine Contract School
    Redfield School District
    SD Achieve ( Sioux Vocational Services Inc)
    SD Dept of Social Services
    SD Dept.of Corrections
    Shannon County School District
    Sisseton School District
    St. Joseph Catholic School
    St. Joseph Indian School
    Stickney School District
    Todd County School District
    Tripp-Delmont School District
    Waverly School District
    Wilmot School District

    April Certifications
    Abbott House
    Cheyenne River BIA Schools
    Crazy Horse Day School
    Elk Point-Jefferson School District
    Faulkton Area School District
    Kimball School District
    Little Wound School System
    Parkston School District
    Wessington Springs School District
    Bridgewater-Emery School District
    Canistota School District
    Clark School District
    Dakota Milestones (Chamberlain ATC)
    Edmunds Central School District
    Lennox School District

    May Certifications
    Colome Consolidated School District
    Community Connections Inc.
    Enemy Swim Day School
    Flandreau Indian School
    Frederick Area School District
    Gregory School District
    Hitchcock-Tulare School District
    John Paul II Elementary School
    Leola School District
    Live Center Inc.
    Loneman School Corporation
    Menno School District
    Rutland School District
    Southeastern Behavorial Healthcare Center
    Wall School District
    White River School District

    June Certifications
    Gettysburg School District
    Highmore-Harrold School District
    Langford Area School District
    Rosholt School District
    Selby Area School District
    Tiospa Zina Tribal School
    Volunteers of America-Dakotas
    West Central School District
    Willow Lake School District

    July Certifications
    Chester Area School District
    Estelline School District
    Sioux Falls Catholic Schools

    August Certifications
    Black Hills Special Services Co-op
    Doland School District
    Harrisburg School District
    Iroquois School District
    Montrose School District
    Sacred Heart School

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    Useful Links

    Check out the useful links below to keep updated on healthy practices in your child nutrition programs. Consider bookmarking them on your computer for easier access.

    Child & Adult Nutrition Services
    Nutrition Bulletin
    Team Nutrition Newsletter

    USDA – check this site out for the most up-to-date information on program requirements
    Guidance & Resources

    Coordinated School Health – Working partnership between the SD Departments of Education and Health to coordinate programming to improve the health and educational outcomes of young people.
    News Infused e-newsletter

    School Nutrition Association of SD (SNASD)
    Keep abreast of what is happening in the State Association by visiting the SNASD website and newsletter

    Fuel Up to Play 60 – Check out this website for resources on healthy eating and physical activity ideas promoting school wellness along with opportunities for obtaining monies for your program. Several contests starting now.
    E-Newsletter - check out this website for information on living healthy
    Working on Wellness Newsletter

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