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A Note from Sandra

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does. ~William James

THANKS to all of you who care for the people of South Dakota and provide food and nutrition to them through the various programs administered by our office as well as the other services you provide. Child Nutrition Employee appreciation week is officially the first week of May – but we extend that to all!

Here we are getting close to starting up summer feeding programs, winding up the school year, and thinking about next year in many of the programs, while others continue to operate because they are a 12-month program. Still others switch gears and offer meals to children during the summer.

All programs should watch your email this summer or check the USDA website at if you can. We anticipate more proposed regulations to be released and the comment period may end before school starts. You will want to look at them and have the opportunity to put in your two cents. I looked at Wikipedia for an idea of how that “my two cents” phrase came about. It included an interesting thought: …The phrase "If you don't put your two cents in, how can you get change?" encourages an expression of opinion. It makes a pun on the word "change". One meaning of change is an alteration — presumably to bring someone or something in agreement with an expressed opinion. …

We look forward to participation at various workshops and training this spring and summer. Opportunities are available through
• Basic and Advanced training for Child & Adult Care Food Program in several sites;
• Cool Cooks in School in Brookings and Rapid City;
• School Nutrition Association conference in Aberdeen; and
• Learning to use the new iCAN computer system to order USDA foods for schools in various sites across the state.

For schools, menu certification and validation processes are scheduled to wind up at the end of June. I am pleased with and proud of all the work that folks in schools put into reaching the goals for this change. You all deserve a great big pat on the back. Now – here is a new challenge – you have done the work for certification. Why not take another step to meet the HealthierUS School Challenge?! You can earn some money for the food service, and then also qualify for the Alliance for Healthier Generations and possibly earn a trip to Arkansas.

Best wishes for a safe and happy summer! As I write this, we are still looking for spring. Who would have thought we would go through the whole alphabet with names winter storms?

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Summer Programs

The Summer Food Service Program and the NSLP Seamless Summer Option programs in your community may be submitting press releases to you to advertise their programs, which is a requirement. School Food Authorities are required to advertise to all families if a Summer Food Service Program is being held in their area regardless if the school is sponsoring the program or another local agency. See USDA Policy Memo found at

To assist community members in South Dakota to know where feeding sites are located we are asking any summer sponsor to register your summer feeding site with the National Hunger Hotline at 1-866-3-Hungry or 1-877-8-Hambre. The sites registered should be “open” sites. This means the location is qualified as site eligible because more than fifty percent of the families qualified for free or reduced priced meals in the neighborhood.

I am also recommending the sponsors advertise their feeding sites on South Dakota 211 Helpline. There is no charge for non-profit organizations or government programs to be listed in the 211 database. The form is available by contacting Justin Hofer at (605)274-1404 or emailing him at

I thank all the schools who are assisting the families in their area by providing these meals for the families in South Dakota.

Contact if you have summer feeding questions.

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Cool Cooks in Schools

Food Service Staff training. This will be 3 day training in record keeping, quantity cooking, food safety and more. The workshop will be offered in Brookings, SDSU campus May 28-30, 2013, and in Rapid City at Terra Soncta Retreat Center June 11-13, 2013. Registration deadline is May 1, 2013. Registration information is on the CANS webpage

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Harvest of the Month /School and Youth Gardening

Sioux Falls - July 9, 2013, AND July 10, 2013
Rapid City - July 23, 2013, AND July 24, 2013

Harvest of the Month, is an adaptable, easy to use program that gets kids excited about eating fruits and vegetables and has them asking for more! The short HOM presentations and produce sampling can be done in individual classrooms, PE classes, as an assembly, in after-school or preschool programs.

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Summer Fun with Nutrition and Fitness- Mini Grant

Up to $1000 was awarded for a Summer Fun with Food and Fitness mini grant for schools or agencies.

Some suggested activities included:
• Summer vegetable garden
• Walking club that promotes good nutrition
• Nutrition and physical activity day or week
• Parent night with nutrition and physical activity (sample tool kit)
• Request use of the Amazing Body Tour exhibit from DOE CANS Team Nutrition (funds would provide materials at stations about $100 and for a nutritious snack for students when they complete the tour)
• Harvest of the Month implementation

Eleven grants were funded. The recipients are:
Milbank out of School Time
Center for Children and Families
Big Stone City School
Enemy Swim Day School
Ellsworth AFB School Age Program
Rainbow Day Care- Redfield
Brookings School District
Volunteers of America- Dakotas
Boys and Girls Club of the Black Hills
First Step Child Care Center
Hawthorne Elementary- Sioux Falls

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CACFPBuilding for the Future with the CACFP

Upcoming CACFP Training Events:

The following workshop dates and locations have been set for the spring 2013 CACFP workshops. CACFP workshops are open to any agency or school that participates in the Child and Adult Care Food Program.

The CACFP Basic workshops are designed for new staff members that need to be trained in the basics of the CACFP. The basics class is limited to 25 participants per class.

The dates and locations of the CACFP Basic training are as follows:

May 8 Rapid City Youth & Family Services
May 14 Sioux Falls Sioux Falls School District
June 11 Pierre MacKay Building (formerly SD State Library)

The CACFP Plus! workshops are designed for veteran staff members that have a solid understanding of Program requirements. The Plus! class is limited by the size of the training rooms in each location. Please notice that we are offering two sessions of the CACFP Plus! workshop in Sioux Falls. Each session will be identical.

The dates and locations of the CACFP Plus! training are as follows:

May 9 Rapid City Youth & Family Services
May 15 Sioux Falls Augustana College (same workshop as 5/16/13)
May 16 Sioux Falls Augustana College (same workshop as 5/15/13)
May 29 Aberdeen Aberdeen Catholic Schools
May 30 Watertown Lake Area Technical Institute
June 12 Pierre MacKay Building (formerly SD State Library)

Pre-registration is required for all workshops. There is no charge to attend. For more information please contact Melissa Halling at (605) 280-2696 or email

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Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program SY13-14 Participants Selected

Participants have been selected for the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program for the 2013-14 School Year!

Please follow the link to view a list of the participating sites selected for the FFVPSY13-14 -- 2013-14 Participating Schools -- If you have not received your congratulatory letter and allocation amount, it should be received shortly. New participants of the program are required to come to a New Participant Training, which has been scheduled for Friday, May 3, 2013. All new participants have registered for the training.

Prior Participants, when you have an opportunity, please follow the link for a refresher course of the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program -- Prior Participant FFVP Info

FFVP Coordinators, please take the opportunity to contact your business official/authorized representative in regard to the allocation amount, and tentative allocation amount for the school year. This is necessary to make sure that budgeting for the program can be effective. For more information, please contact Rob Ingalls at (605)-773-2977 or

The end of the school year is almost here. Please remember to submit FFVP Claims for Reimbursement by the 10th of the following month!

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HealthierUS School Challenge Award

The CANS office is still taking applications for the HUSSC award. The criteria has changed you need to have your menus certified and be serving breakfast. The monetary awards have not changed: $500 for Bronze, $1000 for Silver, $1500 for Gold and $2,000 for Gold with Distinction. This amount is for each school that applies not district.

Team Nutrition staff will assist you in the application process. There are mini grants available to to defray additional cost schools may incur when applying for the Award. ($500) If you qualify at the Bonze level you are also eligible to receive the Health Schools Program award sponsored by The Alliance for a Healthier Generation.

For additional information contact Mary Kirk (605) 773-4718.

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Team Nutrition Training Grant 2013-15

The team nutrition grant request for Proposals has been announced. Child and Adult Nutrition services are applying for the Competitive Grant and the Non Competitive for HealtherUs School Challenge. In the next week you will receive a survey requesting your input to help plan what will be included in the grant proposal. Please take time to complete the survey and return it as soon as you can.

Contact Mary Kirk, at or (605) 773-4718 for more information.

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We are wrapping up USDA Foods for the current school year. History reports will be sent in July so watch your mail and make sure your business office is aware they will be arriving by mail if you are out of the office in July.

We will be implementing and training on the new iCAN South Dakota web based food ordering system in June!

Eighteen training sessions will be held during June throughout South Dakota. You will be emailed a registration form with the available dates and times within the next few days. Please review with your business manager or the person who does the ordering. Training is required by the Food Service Manager and either the ordering person or business manager. The training will help you to place your USDA food orders for next year and give you the access codes you will need to see your entitlement.

With the implementation of the new iCAN website we will not be sending a letter each month. Each school will receive an email notification when orders are open. Orders will be available through the website on a first come first serve basis. Available product and quantity will show on the order blank. Direct links to product fact sheets (USDA and processor’s) will be available on the order blank, as soon as time permits. Entitlement will be “live”. Once you place your order your entitlement will decrease. In the event you do not receive product (and you follow the procedures to report the error) your entitlement will increase as soon as the shortage is approved by the CANS office.

To be included in the 2013– 14 net off invoicing (NOI) program the following items will need to be received on or before May 24, 2013:
1. a copy of your bid,
2. your FINAL Numbers and
3. award winning distributor information
The process does take some time to complete.

Summer USDA Food protection:
Summer is a time when school is out and most kitchens are vacated. If yours is one of them here are some time and possible money saving tips.

• Reduce the amount of product you will be carrying over the summer, whether in the store room, the cooler or the freezer.
• Make sure your policies and procedures are in place and followed to prevent refrigeration or freezer losses.
    - Each summer schools loose product due to electrical and mechanical problems.
    - Policies should include someone checking your walk-in coolers and freezers after every thunderstorm.
• Replacing the lost foods is more costly than you want to endure in addition to the mess of cleaning it all up.

Check your dry storage, refrigeration, and freezer temperatures daily during times of absence to avoid preventable spoilage. If you have a compressor motor go out overnight you may be able to move product to another freezer or repair the compressor without loss of the product. If temperatures are only checked weekly the possibility of preventing the loss is unavoidable.

If you have a freezer malfunction during times when school is not in session you are still responsible for the loss as stated in CFR Title 7 part § 250.13 Distribution and control of donated foods. (e) Improper distribution, loss of or damage to donated foods. (1) If a distributing agency improperly distributes or uses any donated foods or causes loss of or damage to a donated food through its failure to provide proper storage, care or handling, the provisions set forth in §250.15(c) shall apply. (2) In instances when it is determined by a distributing agency that a claim exists against a sub-distributing agency, recipient agency, warehouse, carrier, processor or other person, the distributing agency shall pursue claims in accordance with §250.15(c).

As always, if you have questions concerning your USDA Foods please contact Mark Moen (605) 773-4769 or Pam McCown (605) 773-4353.

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TEFAP – New Eligibility Guidelines – July 1

The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) USDA foods are household sized cans and intended to be used for families to take home and use to stretch their household food budget. These foods can supplement other foods purchased by the family to make a nutritious meal. The current income eligibility guidelines will expire on June 30 and the updated forms will be available online early June and will be effective July 1, 2013.

The TEFAP guidance is specific that recipients must sign for the food using the TEFAP income eligibility chart to verify income, household size, name and address at food pantries. These requirements are not required at congregate feeding locations using USDA Foods/commodities they have received from TEFAP.

The last orders will be placed in May for the June delivery and then there will be no deliveries until September. Plan accordingly if you are distributing food to your families throughout the summer.

For questions relating to food pantries and soup kitchens on TEFAP, contact Julie McCord, (605) 773-3110 or

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Memo SP-34-2013 – Paid Lunch Equity: Guidance for SY 2013-14, was recently made available by USDA. State Agencies, upon request by an SFA, may exempt an SFA from the paid lunch revenue requirements if certain criteria are met by the SFA. Check the USDA website at to look for these. That page has Legislation, Regulations, and Policy for the various programs and is a valuable resource.

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Child and Adult Nutrition Services Electronic Direct Certification

DOE issued a request for proposals on March 15th for a commercial off-the-shelf, web-based, customizable software system to implement electronic direct certification of students in South Dakota Local Education Agencies and other local agencies that participate in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and School Breakfast Program (SBP).

A committee will review the proposals and select a consultant in May.

Pending contract negotiations and approval, software configuration and installation will take place in July and testing of pilot district data will begin in August.

CANS is striving for state agency user and pilot site training in September, system implementation and webinar training for LEAs in October, and as needed, additional regional hands-on training in November. Back to Top


Congratulations to the following school districts/agencies that have achieved menu certification. You are commended for your work in meeting the new meal pattern requirements!

November Certifications
Alcester Hudson School District
Belle Fourche School District
Castlewood School District
Centerville School District
Hot Springs School District
Huron School District
Irene Wakonda School District
Madison Central School District
Marion School District
Vermillion School District
Winner School District

December Certifications
Aberdeen School District
Bennett Co School District
Bethesda Lutheran School
Chamberlain School District
Christian Center Elementary
Corsica School District
Custer School District
Dakota Valley School District
Dell Rapids School District
East Dakota Educational Coop
Flandreau Public School District
Gayville Volin School District
Grant Deuel School District
Hill City School District
Jones County School District
Kadoka School District
Marion School District
McCook Central School District
McCrossan Boys Ranch
Pierre Indian Learning Center
Sanborn Central School District
Scotland School District
Sioux Falls School District
Sioux Valley School District
Smee School District
Spearfish School District
St Agnes School District
St Thomas School District
Viborg Hurley School District
White Lake School District

January Certifications
Arlington School District
Avon School District
Black Hills Works
Bon Homme School District
Canton School District
Children’s Care Hospital & School
Children’s Home Society
DeSmet School District
Dupree School District
Elkton School District
Eureka School District
Freeman School District
Human Service Agency ATCO
Immaculate Conception School
Ipswich Public School District
Lead Deadwood School District
McLaughlin School District
Meade School District
Milbank School District
Minnehaha Co. Regional Detention Center
New Underwood School District
Northwestern Area School District
Platte Geddes School District
Rapid City Area School District
Rapid City Catholic School System
Summit School District
Watertown School District
Wolsey Wessington School District
Yankton School District

February Certifications
Agar Blunt Onida School District
Armour School District
Baltic School District
Brandon Valley School District
Brookings School District
Burke School District
Deubrook School District
Deuel School District
Douglas School District
Hoven School District
James Valley Christian School
Lake Preston School District
Lyman School District
Miller Area School District
Oelrichs School District
Oglala Lakota College
Oldham Ramona School District
Red Cloud Indian School
SD Dept of Human Services
South Central School District
Stanley Co School District
Tea Area School District
Timber Lake School District
Wagner Community School District
Waubay School District
Webster Area School District
Woonsocket School District

March Certifications
Andes Central School District
Big Stone City School District
Bowdle School District
Britton Hecla School District
Edgemont School District
Groton Area School District
Herreid School District
Lemmon School District
Mobridge Pollock School District
Mount Vernon School District
Our Home, Inc.
Pierre Public School District
Plankinton School District
SD Department of Corrections
Shannon Co School District
Sisseton School District
St. Joseph Catholic School
St. Joseph Indian School
Stickney School District
Todd Co School District
Tripp Delmont School District
Waverly School District
Wilmot School District

April Certifications
Abbott House
Cheyenne River BIA Schools
Crazy Horse Day School
Elk Point-Jefferson School District
Faulkton Area School District
Kimball School District
Parkston School District
Wessington Springs School District
Bridgewater-Emery School District
Canistota School District
Clark School District
Dakota Milestones (Chamberlain ATC)
Edmunds Central School District
Lennox School District Back to Top

South Dakota School Wellness Policy Summit

Properly nourished and fit students are better able to concentrate on their work, attend school on a regular basis, and perform well in class and on tests. The Healthy Hunger-free Act passed in 2010, reauthorizing the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) added requirements for schools to provide a healthier school environment. Each School district is required to have a wellness policy. The new requirements are to be implemented by 2013-14 school year and will be assessed as part of the administrative review for the NSLP. To assist school in updating wellness policy and provide tools for effective implementation, a wellness summit will be held June 6, 2013 at the Cedar Shore Resort in Oacoma/Chamberlain. Lunch and mileage will be paid for a team of 3 people from each district. One member must be an administrator or school board member. Registration is required. More information is available at Back to Top

Are you crediting fruits and vegetables correctly?

Did you know that:

According to the Food Buying Guide,
- 1 orange = ˝ Cup
- 1 banana = ˝ Cup
- 1 apple = 1 Cup

The reason for the difference? The peel. The non-edible peels of both bananas and oranges count for the difference in crediting, when compared to the apple.

Please use this information as guidance for current and future menu planning. Consult the Food Buying Guide for a more exact measurement, based on the specific type of fruit being used. Feel free to contact the CANS office with any questions. Back to Top


The National Food Service Management Institute (NFSMI) launched a new ten-hour online course based on the face-to-face version of the training Nutrition 101: A Taste of Food and Fitness, 2nd Edition. The online course, like the ten-hour face-to-face training, is a School Nutrition Association (SNA) Approved Nutrition Education Core Course for SNA certification. This course will also be offered at the SNA of South Dakota conference in late July.

Nutrition 101: A Taste of Food and Fitness was revised in 2012. It provides a basic overview of nutrition. It is information everyone can use at home and at work in the school nutrition program.

School nutrition assistants, technicians, and school nutrition managers need to understand basic nutrition. Nutrition 101 offers a basic foundation in nutrition, current dietary guidance, the importance of physical activity in health, and awareness of personal taste preferences and healthful food choices.

Food choices and nutrition habits affect every aspect of our daily lives, both at work and at play. Good health depends on the choices we make. Nutrition 101: A Taste of Food and Fitness online course provides opportunities for knowledge and skill building to use in all areas of life.

The course will provide information on:
• the roles nutrition plays in promoting health;
• using the Nutrition Facts Label to make food choices based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010 and MyPlate suggestions;
• essential nutrients and the major function each plays in a healthy body, as well as food sources of each;
• personal food choices that incorporate current dietary guidance;
• simple sugars;
• fatty acids;
• complete proteins provided by plant-based foods;
• evaluating popular diet plans; and
• common signs of misleading nutrition information in the media.

For more details, go to: Back to Top

LET’S GET COOKING! Involve the children

First Lady Michele Obama is again challenging America’s most creative junior chefs to put their talents to good use and whip up delicious lunchtime recipes. The second “Healthy Lunchtime Challenge and Kids’ State Dinner” invites children ages 8-12 and their parents or guardians to create and submit an original lunch recipe that is healthy, affordable, and tasty. Recipes must adhere to the guidance that supports the Department of Agriculture’s MyPlate. Recipes must also represent each of the food groups, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and low-fat dairy foods, with fruits and vegetables making up roughly half of the plate or recipe. Fifty-six children and their parent/guardian -- one pair from each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and U.S. territories -- will be flown to Washington, D.C., to attend a Kids’ State Dinner at the White House, where a selection of the winning recipes will be served. Recipes may be submitted online through May 12. Back to Top

Summer Reminders:

Be sure to assign duties before summer vacation; have your food service freezers checked daily. It is part of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and will save you money by ensuring that food stays safe.

Be watching for the 2013-14 Combined Application to be published on the relevant CANS website for the respective programs and announcement arriving in your email box about the first full week in July. Please do not print parent letters until you see the 2013-14 packet, which will include the revised Income Eligibility Guidelines. Back to Top

Celebrate National School Breakfast Week - March 3-8, 2014

The theme for National School Breakfast Week is “Take time for School Breakfast.” Everyone agrees breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So why don’t we make time in the school day? As a teacher, you probably would answer, “I don’t have enough time to get through my lesson plans, and make time for breakfast.” As an administrator, you might say “I can’t ask my staff to do one more thing.” As a parent, you might say “I can’t get my child to school any earlier than I do. I have three kids and mornings are chaotic.” STOP!!! Let’s consider the benefits of having breakfast.

Children Benefit because they:
• Have higher test scores, work faster, make fewer errors and are more creative
• Are less likely to be sent to the principals or visit the school nurse
• Are better able to concentrate on learning
• Are more cooperative and get along better with classmates
• Are healthier and have improved behavior

Parents Benefit because:
• Mornings are easier
• Children start the day ready to learn
• Concerns about skipping breakfast are relieved

Teachers benefit because:
• Behavior improves
• Academic success improves
• Attention increases

Principals/Superintendents benefit because:
• Attendance increases
• Test scores increase
• Discipline problems decrease.

For more information on overcoming barriers to providing school breakfast in the lunchroom, in the classroom, or Grab and Go Breakfast, check out this resource. Use the information to help you to improve your breakfast or to begin providing an excellent breakfast experience for your students, and then Celebrate March 3-8, 2014. Back to Top

2013-14 Combined Application

Be watching for the 2013-14 Combined Application be arriving in your email the first full week in July. Please do not print parent letters until you see the 2013-14 packet, which will include the revised Income Eligibility Guidelines. Back to Top

Useful Links

Check out the useful links below to keep updated on healthy practices in your child nutrition programs. Consider bookmarking them on your computer for easier access.

Child & Adult Nutrition Services
Nutrition Bulletin
Team Nutrition Newsletter

USDA – check this site out for the most up-to-date information on program requirements
Guidance & Resources

Coordinated School Health – Working partnership between the SD Departments of Education and Health to coordinate programming to improve the health and educational outcomes of young people.
News Infused e-newsletter

School Nutrition Association of SD (SNASD)
Keep abreast of what is happening in the State Association by visiting the SNASD website and newsletter

Fuel Up to Play 60 – Check out this website for resources on healthy eating and physical activity ideas promoting school wellness along with opportunities for obtaining monies for your program. Several contests starting now.
E-Newsletter - check out this website for information on living healthy
Working on Wellness Newsletter

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