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A Note from Sandra

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us in Child & Adult Nutrition Services. Thank you for choosing to educate and care for the children of our state as well as those in need.

The next couple of months will prove interesting as the discussions about changing some of the requirements in the School Lunch Program continue. One commentator noted that those that seemed to support changes in the past now have pulled back and other supporters have emerged. Continue operating as you have until you get word from our office that anything has changed. This discussion may be affecting the release of the new meal patterns for the Child & Adult Care Food Program, though we still hear they will be released.

In the meantime, it is time to think about summer meals! Hard to believe as the snow flies and visions of sugar plums are dancing in your head! Announcements and webinars from national groups have started. It does take time to plan if you have not done this in the past. If yours is a community in need that does not have a summer meal program, please assess if you can help fill that need.

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Check in With CANS

Check in With CANS is a scheduled monthly conference open to all agencies on the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program. These calls have an open forum where participants can ask any program related questions. At the beginning of each call, a Program Specialist will plan a brief discussion of hot topics.

The scheduled call is set for Thursday, January 22, 2014 at 2:30 pm CT / 1:30 pm MT.

To join the conference call, dial 1-866-410-8397 and enter code: 6507733610. If you have trouble joining the conference call, or have additional questions call the CANS office at 605-773-3413. Feel free to send in questions ahead of the call to please reference “Conference call question” in the subject line.

Transcripts of the topics or questions discussed will be posted sometime after the call to the CANS website main page,, under Documents, Conference Calls.

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iMATCH – PrimeroEdge Update

We are excited to announce that we have confidence in the information within the iMATCH system that it is the most current and correct information. iMATCH is replacing the monthly lists that you were receiving from the CANS Program Specialist. Please keep all lists that were previously sent with the current eligibility records.

The iMATCH system is the student information in Infinite Campus reported from schools that is matched with the Department of Social Services SNAP & TANF list. The match happens nightly Monday – Friday. If your school information is up to date, it should find available matches in iMATCH.

Please refer to the iMATCH Q&A’s on the CANS NSLP site for assistance on how to run your Direct Certification list. Please refer back to this periodically as we will be updating this as more questions come in. **Check out the NEW Report “Eligibility Roster” so you can save or print a PDF.

Just like with every new computer system, some “bugs” need to be fixed. We are aware that the State Search Function is not currently working correctly. We will update you when this feature is working correctly.

Currently, if you need help with the iMATCH system please contact PrimeroEdge support they will be able to assist you. Also, a new help feature known as “AMIGO” will be coming soon! You will see the green “AMIGO” button at the top of your PrimeroEdge screen. This is a searchable help function that will take you through step by step to solve your problem. Training on this system will be coming in early 2015!

• If you find an issue that a report is not working, student is not showing as matched and should be or you receive a licensing error please contact PrimeroEdge support:
    - by email
    - by phone 1-866-442-6030
• If you need a password reset:
    - please email
    - Subject line: iMATCH Password Reset
    - Please identify your School District and your first and last name.
• If you are requesting a new user ID
    - your current SFA User has access to add more users
    - If they are no longer at your school the Authorized Representative or Superintendent can email a request to deactivate old users and activate new users to
• When in the iMATCH system please click My Profile to update you contact information.

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this time of implementation of new computer programs to better assist you! Please do keep us posted if you find problems with the system. The PrimeroEdge Company is the main source for the Help Desk; however, we would like to know about the responses and the problem areas, too.

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Unpaid Meal Charges – Information Request

US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) published a Request for Information in the October 16 Federal Register related to unpaid meal charges in school meals programs. FNS is seeking information from all affected parties on current State and local policies regarding extending credit to children by allowing them to “charge” the cost of school meals on the day of service. Specifically, FNS is interested in commenters providing details of policies and procedures in their State or schools and the advantages and challenges associated with those procedures. FNS intends to use the information it receives to prepare a report on the feasibility of establishing national standards for meal charges and alternate meals and to provide recommendations for implementing those standards. Information submitted to FNS will also help to develop “Best Practices” guidance for meal charge policies.

You can read more about the information requested and submit comments until January 14, 2015 at:

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Guidance for Accepting Processed Product Documentation for Meal Pattern Requirements

CN Labels, factsheets, and product labels provide a way for food manufacturers to communicate with school program operators about how their products may contribute to the meal pattern requirements for meals served under the Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Child Nutrition (CN) programs.

CN Labeled Products
• Schools and other program operators are not required to offer processed products with CN Labels, but CN Labeled products provide an assurance that stated food contributions credit accurately toward CN meal pattern requirements
• Only available for items that credit toward meat/meat alternate component of meal pattern
• Program operators must keep records of original CN label from product carton

Product Formulation Statements/Other Documentation
• When purchasing a product without a CN Label, a program operator may request a signed Product Formulation Statement on manufacturers’ letterhead that demonstrates how the processed food item contributes to the meal pattern requirements
• Program operators must maintain files on nutrient information to meet requirements of program regulations
• Program operators are responsible if a menu does not fulfil meal pattern requirements; must keep records of supporting documentation
• It is the program operator’s responsibility to request and verify that the supporting documentation is accurate

Reviewing Product Formulation Statements
• Appropriate Product Formulation Statements will provide specific information about the product and demonstrate how the food credits toward the meal pattern
• When reviewing Product Formulation Statements prior to purchasing processed products, refer to: A Reviewer’s Checklist for Evaluating a Manufacturer Product Formulation Statement for Meat/Meat Alternate Products on the FNS website at
• Product Formulation Statement templates for documenting the meat/meat alternates (M/MA), grains, and fruits/vegetables components are available on the FNS website at
• The manufacturer must clearly identify crediting information on how each component contributes to meal pattern requirements

Food Buying Guide
• The Food Buying Guide and the Grain Bread Chart is to be used to validate information from a Product Formulation Statement, as well as for calculating the contribution toward meal pattern requirements for food items not covered by a CN label or Product Formulation Statement
• The Food Buying Guide can be accessible here:

For more information, please view USDA Memo TA 07-2010 (v.3).

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Building for the Future with the CACFP

Mealtime Memos for Child Care

The November 2014 issue of Mealtime Memo for Child Care, the monthly newsletter that includes menus, recipes, and activities related to child care, is now online. It's Cleaning Time: Tips for Cleaning in the Child Care Kitchen Maintaining a clean kitchen is one of the most essential ways for keeping food safe in child care. A clean kitchen reduces the risk of injury, foodborne illness, and other infectious diseases.

In this issue:
• Nutrition Tip: Cycle Menus
• Vegetable of the Month: Pumpkin
• Nutrition Fact: When it says "low sodium" on the food package label

New Resource Available from USDA

What’s Cooking? USDA Mixing Bowl!

This new interactive tool is designed to help consumers, school nutrition professionals, child care centers, and community leaders find nutritious and budget-friendly recipes. The website includes household recipes scaled for families as well as quantity recipes for schools and child care centers. More than 400 of the large quantity recipes have been standardized by USDA and include information on how the recipe contributes toward the updated meal pattern requirements for school food service.

What’s Cooking? USDA Mixing Bowl was developed in collaboration with the Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion (CNPP) and the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) program areas and was initiated to create user-friendly and streamlined access to USDA recipes; and to meet the specific needs of nutrition assistance program participants and educators. This site fills a unique niche in the marketplace, featuring comprehensive search and sort capabilities; and is available in both English and Spanish.

What’s Cooking? USDA Mixing Bowl includes:

• Advanced search filter options by specific USDA programs, course, cooking equipment and cuisine • “Themed” nutrition focus searching in areas specific to food groups and nutrients
• Nutrition information for many recipes, including detailed nutrient and MyPlate food group amounts
• Access to the USDA Foods Fact Sheets and corresponding recipes
Quantity recipes for USDA programs or to feed larger crowds
• The ability to share recipes on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and provide star ratings, comments, or tips for other users
• Option to select recipes to create a personal cookbook to print or download

Visit the site today at! Get started with the helpful Holiday Harvest of Recipes featured on the homepage.

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October Data Survey – Due November 10

We have a few schools that have not yet submitted their October Survey.

The October Data Survey instruction and report forms can be downloaded from the CANS-NSLP page under Documents along the right hand side, labeled October Survey. Please read instruction prior to filling out the form.

Remember, information must be broken out by elementary grades, middle school grades, and high school grades, and should match the attendance centers listed in Part 1, (F), Site Summary, of your annual agreement. Be sure to read the instruction pages if the SFA has serving sites which serve a combination of grades.

All SFAs must complete the October Data Survey.

The October Data Survey can be submitted to the CANS office by mail, fax (605-773-6846), or email ( or

Please contact the CANS office at, or call at 605-773-3413 with any questions.

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Verification Report - Due December 15

As a reminder, verification activities are to be completed by November 15th. Verification reporting is due to the CANS office by December 15th.

CANS recently held webinars regarding how to complete the verification process, and how to report verification results. Please follow the corresponding links below to view webinar slides.

Verification Process Slides and Notes

Verification Reporting Slides and Notes

Submit the Verification Collection Report to the CANS office at your earliest convenience.

Please contact the CANS office at, or call at 605-773-3413 with any questions.

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USDA Foods

iCAN Entitlement:
You may have noticed that the entitlement on iCAN has changed. On December 1, 2014, an update to the entitlement was added to show additional funds from USDA.
• The Planned Assistance Level (PAL) was increased to 0.3044, increasing the amount available to purchase USDA foods through iCAN (entitlement increase).
• Schools using a value pass through system called Net off invoicing (NOI) had their requests are manually entered as entitlement used (entitlement decrease).
• Schools requesting Department of Defense Fresh Fruits And Vegetables Order Receipt System (FFAVORS) funds had their requests manually entered as entitlement used. (Entitlement decrease)
• Some schools may see that they have utilized most of their USDA Foods entitlement. Your next option would only be “bonus” product. Unfortunately at this time there are no plans to offer bonus items.

A survey (106) has been created on iCAN to determine the need for additional FFAVORS requests for the remainder of school year 2014-15 (July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015). This survey will open on December 8th and close on January 12, 2015 at 9 a.m.

The South East region FFAVORS deliveries will continue through Express Produce through the end of this school year.

Over, shortage and damage reporting:
When you complete your OS&D report:
• Reporting closes the Wednesday following delivery
• Complete the comment section with detail
• Make sure the person you are writing to understands exactly what happened when the truck was unloaded (they need to recreate the issue to know the next procedure). This will also be helpful to you when you are reviewing your activity at the end of the year.
• Only accept what you ordered
• Return non-requested items with the truck driver (If you did order and return the item you will be charged storage and delivery fees.)
• You will need to make the corrections on your OS&D report even if the manifest has a correction

Invoice Payments:
As you are preparing to make payment for processed items make sure you are paying the oldest invoice.

Balances over 120 days:
If your account is over 120 days, from the invoice date, future orders will not be delivered.

Information sheets for USDA Foods:
A link to the information sheets for SD Processors and USDA Foods is on the Food Distribution website: in the LINKS section.

For those items that we have left in the warehouse you will also find a link on the iCAN website under the order called “Facts”.

We are working with the software company to implement the second phase of the programming. With this will come some changes. Please continue to email with your questions on iCAN.

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Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program – Budgeting Reminder

Remember to pay attention to the allocation amount available to the specific site on the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program. If a site submits a claim that is relatively higher than the average monthly amount for the allocation, we will still process the claim for reimbursement accordingly, however, budgeting adjustments may need to be considered in order to stretch your allocation for the entire school year.

If the 2nd allocation is overspent, the school may receive reimbursement for the over budget 2nd allocation amount if at the end of the period there are unspent funds from other schools in the FFVP.

Keep in mind that the yearly maximum reimbursement a school may receive is $75 per student in the program. If a school over spent the allocation and it equates to greater than $75 per student in the program, the school must absorb any expense greater than the $75 maximum. The excess expense that is absorbed by the school CANNOT be from the School Food Service Account.

As always, please contact Rob Ingalls at (605) 773-2977 or with any program related questions.

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On-Site Monitoring Requirement

As a reminder, each school food authority with more than one serving site must perform no less than one on-site review of the lunch counting and claiming system employed by each serving site. The on-site review must take place prior to February 1st of each school year. Further, if the review discloses problems with a school’s meal counting or claiming procedures, the school food authority must ensure the school implements corrective action, and complete a follow-up review within 45 days of the initial review.

Please observe CANS-NSLP Memo 52.1 for further details, and the on-site monitoring worksheets.

Please contact the CANS office at, or call at 605-773-3413 with any questions.

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Civil Rights Training – Annual Requirement

Civil Rights Training is posted on the CANS webpage.

Please visit the CANS homepage to view the training, or follow the appropriate links below:
- Civil Rights Training Presentation Slides
- Civil Rights Training Notes

Also, a Civil Rights Training can be found along the right side of the CANS webpage.

To complete your annual training, be sure to have nutrition staff observe the training, and print the certificate at the end of the presentation. Names of nutrition staff that have observed the training should be included on the certificate.

Please contact the CANS office with any questions regarding the Civil Rights Training at, or call at 605-773-3413. Back to Top

Food Safety Plan Review/Update – Annual Requirement

Remember to provide refresher training on food safety with kitchen staff, and review your Food Safety Plan and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s).

The Food Safety Plan and instruction on how to update the Food Safety Plan/SOPs can be found by following the corresponding links below.

Food Safety Plan
How to Update the Food Safety Plan/SOPs

Please contact the CANS office with any questions regarding the Food Safety at, or call at 605-773-3413. Back to Top

Best Practices for Healthy School Fundraisers Brochure

The Best Practices for Healthy School Fundraisers Brochure gives Resources and Ideas to make your next fundraiser event healthy and successful.

Use this brochure to help your school earn the extra money needed for different activities, events, and equipment that keep students excited and engaged. This brochure provides ideas to use healthy choices for fundraising by selling only nonfood items or foods that meet the Smart Snacks nutrition standards. The four-fold brochure provides information on Smart Snack Requirements and fundraising ideas. Also, you can find four successful fundraising stories from schools that have raised money in a variety of ways.

A copy of this brochure was included in your approved School Year 14-15 agreement.

It is also available to order online at online order form. The brochure comes in a package of 50 or you can download the PDF and print it out! To get the best results when printing, use landscape, legal size paper, print on both sides, and print document scale to fit. It will have a white border around on the edges.

Stickers Now Available for Your Team Nutrition Events!
It’s amazing what a student will do for a sticker! Students will try a new fruit or vegetable in exchange for a sticker to wear proudly all day! Use these FREE nutrition stickers to help promote healthy eating in your school.

Free Stickers are now available to schools participating in the National School Lunch Program and/or School Breakfast Program. Use these colorful 2” stickers as part of your school breakfast promotion and taste-testing events. See the Team Nutrition Popular Events Idea Booklet and our Elementary School Posters for related resources.

One roll = 200 stickers. Available for order under “Posters and Other Materials” Back to Top

Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools

It can be hard to fit all of the vegetable subgroups on your main line but adding a salad bar can simplify the process for you! Finding money to add equipment can be hard here is a way to add a salad bar to your school.

Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools program is trying to help US schools have a salad bars donated across the nation so that every child has daily access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

How does this work?
Any district or independent school participating in the National School Lunch Program is eligible to apply. There is just one application form for both multiple salad bar and single salad bar package requests. The foodservice director for your district is the required contact person for the application.

Will anyone in South Dakota be chosen for this?
There are six South Dakota School who have been funded for this project.

How are Salad Bars rewarded?
Salad bar grants will be awarded based on a formula that take into account:
A: readiness to implement a salad bar lunch program
B: application date

Does the school have to do the fundraising?
No, but supplemental fundraising can speed up the process.

For more information please check out the Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools site at Back to Top

Team Nutrition

With funding from a USDA Team Nutrition grant, the SD Department of Education, Division of Child and Adult Nutrition Services (CANS) and South Dakota State University Extension have created a partnership to provide training and technical assistance to build school and community support for creating healthy school environments that are conducive to healthy eating and physical activity.

The SD Team Nutrition grant will be focusing on developing an online training tool, creating a social media presence with Facebook, providing tools for smarter lunchrooms and creating a toolkit for day camp settings using MyPlate and farm to table concepts.

Food Service Staff Training Survey:
What type of trainings are you interested in?
Please fill out this short survey so that we can better assist you!

Team Nutrition Contact Person:
Update your school or organization information for South Dakota’s Team Nutrition activities and funding opportunities.
Complete this short survey to update your contact information. Back to Top

Updated Policies

Policies that have multiple numbers means those apply to multiple programs.

School Nutrition Programs (SP memos)

Policies that apply to school operation and administration can be found at

12/11/2014 SP14_2015 SFSP08-2015
Demonstration Project for Non-Congregate Feeding for Outdoor Summer Meal Sites Experiencing Excessive Heat with Q & As

12/08/2014 SP13-2015 SFSP05-2015
Summer Meal Programs Meal Service Requirements Q&As

12/05/2014 SP12-2015
Revised FNS-834 Reporting Procedures for SY 2014-15

11/26/2014 SP11-2015
CN Labels Copied with a Watermark

11/21/2014 SP09-2015
CACFP 03-2015 SFSP 02-2015
Written Codes of Conduct and Performance of Employees Engaged in Award and Administration of Contracts

11/21/2014 SP10-2015 CACFP04-2015 SFSP03-2015
Area Eligibility in Child Nutrition Programs

11/21/2014 SP08-2015
Updated E-Rate Guidance for Schools Electing Community Eligibility

11/18/2014 SP07-2015
Assessing Proposed Nutrition Education Costs in the NSLP and SBP

11/12/2014 SP06-2015
Farm to School and School Garden Expenses

10/21/2014 SP05-2015
Revised Administrative Review Tool and Forms

Child & Adult Care Food Program – (CACFP memos)

12/10/2014 CACFP 05-2015 SFSP 07-2015
Health and Safety Inspection Requirements

11/21/2014 SP09-2015 CACFP06-2015
SFSP02-2015 Written Codes of Conduct and Performance of Employees Engaged in Award and Administration of Contracts

11/21/2014 SP10-2015 CACFP04-2015 SFSP03-2015
Area Eligibility in Child Nutrition Programs

Summer Food Service Program – (SFSP memos)

12/12/2014 SFSP09-2015
Summer Food Service Program Waiver Request Guidance and Protocol

12/12/2014 SFSP10-2015
Summer Food Service Program Questions and Answers 2014

12/11/2014 SP14-2015 SFSP 08-2015
Demonstration Project for Non-Congregate Feeding for Outdoor Summer Meal Sites Experiencing Excessive Heat with Q & As

12/10/2014 CACFP 05-2015 SFSP 07-2015
Health and Safety Inspection Requirements

12/09/2014 SFSP 06-2015
Categorical Eligibility in the Summer Food Service Program

12/08/2014 SP13-2015 SFSP 05-2015
Summer Meal Programs Meal Service Requirements Q&As

12/05/2014 SFSP 04-2015
Rural Designations in the Summer Food Service Program

11/21/2014 SP09-2015 CACFP 06-2015 SFSP 02-2015
Written Codes of Conduct and Performance of Employees Engaged in Award and Administration of Contracts

11/21/2014 SP10 CACFP04 SFSP03-2015
Area Eligibility in Child Nutrition Programs

No new policies have been issues for the other child nutrition and food distribution programs since the last bulletin. Policies can be found at:
Food Distribution for School Programs -

While no new policies have been issued, the proposed regulations can be found at

11/21/2014 7 CFR Part 250
Distribution and Control of Donated Foods Proposed Rule - Side-by-Side of Current and Proposed Provisions

The Emergency Food Assistance Program –

Commodity Supplemental Food Program – Back to Top

Let’s Move Blog

The ‘Let’s Move Blog’ is a great place to keep up to date with the Let’s Move campaign, which focuses on overall wellness for a healthier tomorrow.

Recent articles include:
• Kids and Chefs Cook for Success
• Making Mealtime Family Time
• Cities, Towns and Counties Honored for Let’s Move! Achievements

Visit the ‘Let’s Move Blog’ here to view recent stories, and more: Back to Top

Useful Links

Check out the useful links below to keep updated on healthy practices in your child nutrition programs.

Child & Adult Nutrition Services
Nutrition Bulletin

USDA – check this site out for the most up-to-date information on program requirements

School Nutrition Association of SD (SNASD)
Keep abreast of what is happening in the State Association by visiting the SNASD website and newsletter

Fuel Up to Play 60 – Check out this website for resources on healthy eating and physical activity ideas promoting school wellness along with opportunities for obtaining monies for your program. Several contests starting now.
E-Newsletter - check out this website for information on living healthy
Working on Wellness Newsletter

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