NAEHCY Conference

Several South Dakota school district McKinney-Vento liaisons attended the National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth annual conference in Kansas City in late October. This conference is the premiere educational opportunity for district staff in all aspects of the McKinney-Vento law and regulations. Additionally, the conference is composed of workshops showcasing successful programs to address all issues of homelessness; lacking permanent housing, lacking transportation to obtain services, poverty, food insecurity, family disintegration, victimization, discrimination-isolation-exclusion, criminalization of homelessness, human trafficking, and post-traumatic stress caused by any or all of the above.

District staff were able to attend the conference through grants provided by SD Department of Education from federal McKinney-Vento funds.

Pictured; Anita Deranleau, Rapid City; Laura Johnson Frame, Pierre; Michelle Vande Weerd, Brookings; Deb Langrehr, Tri-Valley; Hannah Swanson, Alcester-Hudson; Not pictured: Traci Jensen and Celeste Uthe-Burow, Sioux Falls

Title I Data and Infinite Campus – Targeted Assistance Programs

If a school operates a Targeted Assistance (TA) Program, the Title I teacher needs to work with the district’s Data Coordinator to ensure that all Title I students being served are entered into Infinite Campus correctly.

• A school that offers Title I services to students in all grades at an attendance center is not running a Schoolwide Title I program, unless there is a state approved Schoolwide plan in place. Title I teachers need to ensure data entry staff understand the difference.

• Compare a list of Title I students from Infinite Campus to the list of students from the Title I program.

Family & Community Engagement – U.S. Dept. of Education

The Dual Capacity Framework is a process used to assist school and district staff to effectively engage parents and to work effectively with schools to increase student achievement. The framework provides a model that schools can use to build the type of effective community engagement that will make schools the center of our communities.

See the Framework and learn more at the following link: Stay tuned as we will provide more information regarding the framework.

Regional Data Retreat for Focus and Priority Schools

Data Retreat 202: - May 26-27, 2015

Prerequisite: Must have attended at least two years of the new model of the state required Data Retreat. (Two 2-day data retreats); Teams should not exceed 6 people to ensure enough space for all schools. Open only to Focus or Priority schools that have participated in previous retreats.

This advanced two day Data Retreat will encompass processes which require teams to delve further into state and local assessment analysis. From this process, teams will develop a plan for data utilization which will to drive professional development, family and community involvement, and, most primarily, quality professional practices. Teams will also develop a plan to implement, monitor, and sustain the plan.

To register, go to GoSignMeUP registration on the DOE website: Search for Title I.

Regional Data Retreat for Title I Schools

These retreats provide Building/School Leadership Teams from schools an opportunity to participate in the updated data retreat process. The new process addresses the increased emphasis on using data to drive effective instruction and increased student success.


If your school has not had a two-day retreat led by a state certified facilitator, this is a great opportunity to send a team (the leadership team should be comprised of teachers from different grades or subjects and the building principal and be able to make decisions about Goals and plans for the school) to start planning for the next school year. The state will provide the facility and facilitator. The district/school will be responsible for travel arrangements and costs: hotel - if necessary, mileage, meals, stipends, etc.

May 28-29, 2015 – Pierre
June 8-9, 2015 – Sioux Falls
June 10-11, 2015 – Rapid City

Space will be limited. Please only sign up one contact person per school. To register, go to GoSignMeUP registration on the DOE website: Search for Title I

Winter 2015
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