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New data collection rules in place

Beginning with the 2010-11 school year, new Administrative Rules regarding student data apply. One deadline is approaching at the end of this month.

24:17:03:08 Requirement to submit calendar data (click to view full rule)

This rule states that all school calendars are due by the last Friday in August. It also outlines minimum data reporting requirements for the school calendar.

24:17:03:02 Student data submission (click to view full rule)

This rule provides for student data submissions via the student information system (i.e., Infinite Campus).

• Final submission of fall student data is 15 days following the last Friday of September of each school year.
• December child count data is due 10 days following Dec. 1 of each school year.
• Final student record forms must be submitted no later than the second Friday in June of each school year.

24:17:01:07 Definition of preschool for data collection purposes (click to view full rule)

This rule offers a definition of preschool for data collection purposes and requires all public school districts operating a preschool program to report student data for its preschool students. Students in traditional preschool programs should be coded to PK. Students receiving special education services should be coded to EC.

The data entered into the student information system is used for making state aid payments to districts, and for state and federal reporting. Therefore, accurate data is critical.

Questions regarding any of these rules should be directed to the department’s Data Management Office. Call (605) 773-3248.