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Board considers changes to end-of-course exams, health education standards

At its meeting July 27, the South Dakota Board of Education moved two items to public hearing.

1) Rules clarifying procedures for creating end-of-course exams at district level

For districts choosing to create their own end-of-course tests, rather than use the state option, various procedures must be followed to meet the standards for developing valid and reliable tests.

Click to view proposed rules.

Comments or questions? Contact Wade Pogany, Department of Education, at (605) 773-3282.

2) Revised Health Education Standards

The proposed new Health Education Standards were developed by a committee of South Dakota teachers from K-12 and postsecondary. The committee is recommending that South Dakota adopt the National Health Education Standards, which focus on teaching students how to become health literate by addressing the core concepts of nine different content areas, and developing skills related to accessing information, analyzing influences, decision making, goal setting, interpersonal communication, self management, and advocacy.

Click to view proposed standards.

Comments or questions? Contact Karen Keyser, Coordinated School Health, Department of Education, (605) 773-6808.