Proposed standards outline effective teaching
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A work group has recommended the adoption of Charlotte Danielson’s framework as the standards for teaching in South Dakota. The expectation is that the standards would be used to help teachers grow in their profession.

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Work group to determine ACCESS exit criteria
Nominate one of your teachers

Teachers of English language learners, along with general and special education teachers in grades K-12, are needed to serve on a work group. Participants will help to shape the future of South Dakota’s exit criteria for the ACCESS, which is used to evaluate the progress of English language learners.

The work group will meet March 8 at the Ramada in Sioux Falls.

Administrators are invited to nominate teachers for this important work. To do so, you will need to complete the online Nomination Form.

The nomination site will close Jan. 7, 2011. The department will contact teachers who have been chosen for the work group by Jan. 28.

The Department of Education will reimburse participants for mileage, meals and lodging (at state rate) and will pay a stipend of $125.00 per day (8 hours of work). The department also will reimburse school districts for substitute pay at a rate of $70.00 per day.

Professional development activities provide teachers with opportunities to utilize their experience to impact education in South Dakota.

Questions can be directed to Gay Pickner at the Department of Education (605) 773-3247 or