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Request exception from “1 Percent Rule”
by March 10

Information regarding the application process for districts to request an exception from the “1 Percent Rule” related to the alternate assessment is available online. The deadline to apply for an exception is March 10. Click here to learn more.

Students with significant cognitive disabilities have the option of taking, as determined by their respective IEP teams, the Dakota STEP-A in place of the Dakota STEP. Up to 1 percent of the students meeting South Dakota’s significant cognitive disability criteria and who score in the applying and/or advancing range on the Dakota STEP-A can be reported as proficient for the purposes of calculating adequate yearly progress.

Alternate assessments given at the district level that exceed this 1 percent will be considered not proficient.

In order to make a request for exception to this rule, the district must complete the request for exception application. Click here to access the application.

Questions can be directed to Linda Turner at the Department of Education, (605) 773-6119.