New school year means new writing test
South Dakota will have a new writing assessment beginning 2010-11. Called WriteToLearn, itís an online, formative assessment.

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On target for AYP release

The release of adequate yearly progress results, and the 2010 State Report Card, remains on schedule for the end of July.

The two biggest changes you will notice in the determination of AYP this year are as follows:

1) The graduation rate has been increased to 85 percent (rather than 80 percent) or growth of at least 2 percentage points over the previous year. This decision came directly from the U.S. Department of Education.

2) The minimum N-size for subgroups has been changed to 25 for accountability purposes; for reporting purposes, the N-size for subgroups remains at 10.

To access South Dakotaís most current Accountability Workbook, which details the entire accountability process, click here.

Superintendents should watch for an e-mail pointing them to online AYP results toward the end of this month.

Questions regarding AYP data and calculations:
Judy Merriman, (605) 773-4737
Laura Ellenbecker, (605) 773-4727
Teri Jung, (605) 773-8197
Tom Morth, (605) 773-2539

Questions regarding Title I and school improvement:
Diane Lowery, (605) 773-6509
Beth Schiltz, (605) 773-4716

Questions regarding special education:
Linda Turner, (605) 773-6119