Opportunity Scholarship makes impact
A Board of Regents report says the South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship has positively impacted students’ preparation for college.

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Working together for Year of Unity

Earlier this year, Gov. Mike Rounds declared 2010 the Year of Unity in South Dakota. The goal of the initiative is to renew South Dakota’s dedication to multicultural understanding and acceptance.

As part of this effort, the Department of Education will host an essay contest in conjunction with Native American Day next fall.

In the meantime, the governor is asking communities to take simple steps to increase multicultural awareness and appreciation. Some ideas include:

Traveling exhibit displays
The South Dakota State Historical Society loans out traveling exhibits featuring the different cultures of the state. Consider displaying one of the exhibits at your community’s museum, city hall, library, school, other public buildings or at community events. For more information, contact the State Historical Society at (605) 773-3458.

Book club
Organize a community book club featuring a book of cultural significance to South Dakota. Contact the State Historical Society at (605) 773-3458 for a recommended reading list.

Reading hour
Use your local library’s children’s reading hour to feature a culturally significant children’s book. Contact the State Historical Society at (605) 773-3458 for a recommended reading list.

Cultural lunches
Encourage senior centers, schools and other food-services programs to occasionally feature ethnic meals appropriate to cultures represented in your community.

As the state’s population continues to diversify, it is becoming increasingly important for South Dakotans to understand different and emerging cultures. Join the commitment to grow multicultural understanding and acceptance in South Dakota.

For more information, visit www.state.sd.us/oia/ or contact the South Dakota Office of Tribal Government Relations at (605) 773-3415.