Zero-interest loans for energy projects available
A new $2.8 million revolving loan fund for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects is now available to South Dakota schools.

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Funding remains a question

As the 2010 legislative session winds down, the activity continues to pick up. Legislators have one more week to make final decisions about K-12 education funding and the state’s overall budget.

So far this session, legislators have passed, and the governor has signed, nearly a dozen education-related bills. Legislators also have rejected about twice that many bills with some tie to education.

Among those bills that have been signed by the governor are: HB 1108, a bill addressing the fund balance cap; HB 1020 and 1021, two bills having to do with expending special education dollars; and HB 1129, a bill that addresses early reinstatement of an expelled student.

Also noteworthy: A bill to lower the compulsory school attendance age back to 16 was defeated in the House Education Committee.

Following the end of session, the department will provide districts with a summary of bills that will impact education and the operation of schools.

South Dakota Public Broadcasting continues to offer live broadcasts of the Legislature. To access, go to the Legislative Research Council’s Web site at and follow the appropriate links.