South Dakota to forgo round two of Race to the Top
South Dakota will not pursue funds available through the 2nd round of the Race to the Top competition.

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Common course numbering:
Transition begins next school year

South Dakota will be implementing a common course numbering system, to provide consistency statewide. The implementation process will begin in the 2010-11 school year with the Personnel Record Form, or PRF, system.
Board to consider changes to data collection rules The South Dakota Board of Education will take up proposed rule changes related to the collection of enrollment data at its May 17 meeting.

Required bus driver training moves online
The state-approved program for annual training of bus drivers has shifted from an onsite model to an online model.

New law means changes to procurement practices
Are you ready?

The 2010 Legislature passed HB 1046, which makes significant changes to procurement law for government, K-12 schools and higher education. Informational meetings will be held at several locations.

Got chew? Take steps to get rid of it
A model tobacco policy for schools is now available. Craft your own policy as the basis for a comprehensive program to extinguish tobacco use.

Check your district's waiver status now
Districts should review the status of any current waivers from administrative rule and take steps to reapply if necessary.