South Dakota to forgo round two of Race to the Top
South Dakota will not pursue funds available through the 2nd round of the Race to the Top competition.

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Board to consider changes to data collection rules

The South Dakota Board of Education will take up proposed rule changes related to the collection of data at its May 17 meeting. The board will meet via DDN, beginning at 9 a.m. (CST).

The proposed rules include a definition of preschool specifically for data collection purposes. Such a definition currently doesn’t exist, so the preschool data the state does collect is inconsistent. Further, not every public school district that operates a preschool program reports its student enrollment data. Proposed rule 24:17:01:07 would require districts to submit student enrollment data for preschool students.

The other major effect of the proposed rule changes would be to change some of the timelines for student data collection and verification. Currently, the fall enrollment numbers needed for calculating state aid to education for the upcoming fiscal year are not complete until after the Governor presents his budget to the Legislature. The proposed changes would tighten the timelines for fall enrollment data collection, as well as several other data collection timelines.

To view the proposed changes and for a list of DDN sites, go to