South Dakota to forgo round two of Race to the Top
South Dakota will not pursue funds available through the 2nd round of the Race to the Top competition.

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Required bus driver training moves online

The state-approved program for annual training of bus drivers has shifted from an onsite model to an online model.

Beginning immediately, school bus drivers will fulfill the requirement for four hours of annual training (ARSD 24:06:08:01) by completing eight training modules of their choice online.

Cost for the required annual training is $25 per driver and covers all eight training modules.

This delivery method may be new for some drivers who have not had the opportunity to experience online technology in their jobs. Therefore, the Department of Education requests that school administrators allow drivers access to school computer labs and identify a staff person who would serve as support for the bus drivers to access the training and master the technology.

The Department of Education has partnered with G&N LLC to manage school bus driver training this year.

Superintendents should have received an e-mail with instructions on how to proceed with annual training.