Bullying and harassment:
Navigating troubled waters

What’s the connection between bullying and harassment under federal anti-discrimination laws? A letter issued by the U.S. Department of Education offers guidance for schools.

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Changes to grad rate calculation on horizon

Effective with the 2010-11 school year, South Dakota is required by the U.S. Department of Education to report the four-year adjusted cohort graduation rate. This graduation rate will be used for reporting purposes for the following: Adequate Yearly Progress, State Performance Plan, Ed Facts Reporting and the Consolidated State Performance Plan.

Related to this requirement, the South Dakota Department of Education is seeking approval from U.S. Ed to do the following:

• Calculate graduation rate according to the Title I four-year adjusted cohort methodology
• Set a graduation rate goal of 80 percent, which is down from the current U.S. Ed approved rate of 85 percent
• Goal could also be met by showing 2 percent growth over previous year

The state will submit this proposal to U.S. Ed by early winter for its consideration.

When it comes to determining AYP for 2010-11, South Dakota also will change the racial/ethnic subgroups to match the seven subgroups required for all federal reporting:
1. Hispanic/Latino of any race
2. American Indian or Alaska Native
3. Asian
4. Black or African American
5. Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
6. White
7. Two or more races

Watch for more information regarding methodology for calculating the four-year adjusted cohort graduation rate in an upcoming issue.