Bullying and harassment:
Navigating troubled waters

What’s the connection between bullying and harassment under federal anti-discrimination laws? A letter issued by the U.S. Department of Education offers guidance for schools.

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Bring a flu clinic to your school

Administrators who are interested in holding a flu vaccine clinic in the school setting can contact their local Community Health Services office to discuss that possibility. Click here for a list of Community Health Services offices.

The state Department of Health provides free flu vaccine for South Dakotans ages 6 months through 18 years. While the vaccine is free, providers may charge an administration fee; the fee must be waived if the individual is unable to pay. There is no administration fee charged for Department of Health-sponsored clinics held in the school setting.

Flu vaccine also is available from private clinics and physician offices.

Immunizing children protects them from the complications of flu and also reduces the spread of the disease in schools and communities. Each year, kids account for a significant percentage of flu cases and hospitalizations from flu complications.

Learn more at http://flu.sd.gov.