2011 Teacher of the Year:
Spotlight on outstanding teachers

South Dakota’s 2011 Teacher of the Year will be announced Oct. 14 at the Systems Change Conference. Find out more about this great recognition program – prizes include a car, technology package and cash – and this year’s candidates.

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Loss of federal funding:
One more reason not to text and drive

Texting and driving is a no-brainer, but could it also impact your federal funds? The answer is yes. Executive Order 13513 prohibits any federal grant recipients, sub-recipients and their grant personnel from texting while driving a government-owned vehicle, or while driving their own vehicle during official grant business.

It also prohibits the use of government supplied equipment to text or email while driving. So, be safe and put away those Blackberries while you’re on the road!

On a similar note, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issued its Final Rule prohibiting texting by commercial motor vehicle drivers. The FMCSA is exercising its authority to amend the commercial driver’s license regulations to add to the list of disqualifying offenses a conviction under state or local traffic laws or ordinances that prohibit texting by CDL drivers while operating a CMV, including school bus drivers.

In the preamble to the Final Rule, FMCSA states, in part:

“…both government and private drivers of school buses requiring a CDL would be subject to the CDL disqualification if they are convicted of 2 or more serious traffic violations, which can include a conviction for violating a State traffic law prohibiting texting while driving.”