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Content standards approved

At its July 25 meeting in Pierre, the South Dakota Board of Education approved new standards for Personal Finance and World Language. The board also approved voluntary standards and guidelines for school libraries.

Personal Finance
With the board action, South Dakota will now have 11 focused standards in Personal Finance, instead of 15. This action was based upon review of other national organizations and state standards. The “Career” standard was eliminated due to more schools implementing the SDMyLife career development system in other courses or advisory programs. Two other standards were combined with another standard. The third major change was to take the concept of “Managing Risk” and make it a stand-alone indicator, in order to bring attention to the importance of this concept.

Click here to view the new Personal Finance standards.

World Language
The department partnered with the South Dakota World Language Association to review the South Dakota World Language standards. After review of the new national standards, the committee recommended that the state adopt the national standards developed by a coalition of national language organizations.

School Library standards
A School Library Task Force was formed in early 2010 to study and update the 2004 South Dakota School Library Standards in relation to best practices and national initiatives. The board adopted the voluntary standards, as endorsed by the South Dakota Library Association and the South Dakota State Library Board. The updated standards “are designed to be age-appropriate guides for successful student learning in the 21st century, learning which is differentiated, collaborative, and integrated across all content areas.”

View the new School Library standards and guidelines.