Be aware of changes to child nutrition programs
As a result of the recent reauthorization of the Child Nutrition Program, there have been several changes to the state’s nutrition programs. Click here to see a complete list of all the changes to date.

Setting the standard for Service Learning
The South Dakota Board of Education recently tackled the topic of Service Learning. A framework and standards were on the agenda of the board’s November meeting.

Next Generation Science Standards in the news
Last month, KSFY took an in-depth look at the Next Generation Science Standards. The story highlights South Dakota’s role in the process and gives an up-to-date look at where we are headed.

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Proposed Next-Generation Accountability Model now online

The South Dakota Department of Education has issued a summary of its proposed Next Generation Accountability Model. South Dakota began the process of developing a new statewide accountability model in September 2011, when the department assembled a group representing key stakeholders to provide recommendations regarding a next-generation accountability model.

The proposed model is based on a 100-point index and includes multiple indicators to measure school performance. Under the proposed model, schools have unique targets based on their unique “starting points.” The model recognizes both achievement and growth, and encourages continuous improvement.

According to Secretary of Education Melody Schopp, the model is intended to be legitimate and fair; useful to educators and administrators; easily understood by the public; and promoting continuous improvement for individual students, as well as for schools.

The secretary held a series of conference calls with educators earlier this week to explain the model.

Educators are asked to review the Next Generation Accountability Model summary, which is in draft form, and to offer initial feedback on the proposal. The concepts outlined in the summary will form the basis for the state’s ESEA Flexibility Request.

South Dakota’s actual ESEA Flexibility Request application will be posted for public comment closer to the Feb. 21 deadline for submission.