New twist to AYP this year
When determining adequate yearly progress this year, the department plans to use the four-year adjusted cohort graduation rate. Learn how this calculation might impact your school.

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Supplemental Educational Services:
Provider applications now being accepted

Under No Child Left Behind, certain Title I schools in “school improvement” are required to provide supplemental educational services (i.e., free tutoring) to eligible students. The goal is to increase students’ academic achievement – particularly in the areas of reading/language arts and math.

Supplemental educational services are additional academic instruction and must take place outside of the regular school day by state-approved providers.

To ensure that South Dakota parents have a choice of providers, the state has an annual application period for potential providers. The application period to select supplemental service providers is now open through March 18.

Applications are reviewed and scored by a committee whose members have diverse backgrounds in the field of education. This committee then makes recommendations to approve or deny the applications. Once providers are approved, the information about their tutoring programs is released through the school districts to parents, along with a registration form. Parents choose a provider they believe will best meet their child’s educational needs.

Most providers are able to tutor students between 30 and 40 hours during the school year, sending regular progress reports to parents and teachers.

The application, scoring rubric and other information are available on the Department of Education’s website. For more information, please contact Betsy Chapman at (605) 773-4712.