Child nutrition reauthorization:
Rethinking school food service

Last month, President Obama signed the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act. Commonly referred to as the Child Nutrition Reauthorization, it provides funding for federal school meal and child nutrition programs, including $4.5 billion in new funding over 10 years.

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New census estimates released, affect federal allocations

The U.S. Census Bureau recently released the Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates, or SAIPE, for income year 2009. The SAIPE includes school district level populations and poverty counts for children ages 5-17. These school district level estimates will be included in the formulas used to calculate allocations for the School Year 2011-12 Title I Part A program, and factor in other federal education programs.

Please note that the list of school districts on the 2009 estimate is based on the SY 2009-10 school district boundaries. The school district estimates are available on the Census Bureauís SAIPE website.

A school district can challenge the Census Bureau SAIPE estimates if it believes an estimate is incorrect. Information on the challenge procedures and an explanation on how the SAIPE counts are obtained can also be found on the Census Bureauís SAIPE website.

The challenge period for the 2009 estimates ends March 8, 2011. Any challenge should be made directly to the Census Bureau, as the South Dakota Department of Education has no control over these estimates.