Child nutrition reauthorization:
Rethinking school food service

Last month, President Obama signed the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act. Commonly referred to as the Child Nutrition Reauthorization, it provides funding for federal school meal and child nutrition programs, including $4.5 billion in new funding over 10 years.

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Daugaard names interim secretary, Transition Advisory Committee
Dr. Melody Schopp has been named interim secretary of the Department of Education. Schopp currently serves as deputy secretary. A Transition Advisory Committee on Education will aid the new governor in identifying candidates for the permanent position.
Federal education funding remains unfinished
It will be up to the 112th Congress to fund federal education programs for school year 2011-12.

New census estimates released, affect federal allocations
The Census Bureau has released estimates that will be included in the formula used to calculate Title I Part A allocations for SY 2011-12. A school district can challenge its estimates.

Clean diesel grants now available
Grants to purchase new, “greener” school buses or to equip existing buses with exhaust control retrofit devices are available through the Clean Diesel Grant Program.

Identifying and assisting English language learners
Here’s a quick review of steps to take when English language learners enter your district.

Measuring technology literacy:
Results show most students proficient or better

Students’ average score on the 8th Grade Technology Literacy Assessment was up, and more students scored in the proficient or advanced categories.

Number of overweight students remains high
The percentage of South Dakota students who are overweight or obese remained high in the state’s latest school height and weight survey.