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Watch for AYP later this month

Preliminary AYP determinations will be available to districts later this month via the online state Report Card. Target date is Friday, July 22. When determinations are ready, the department will email a link to superintendents (and business managers as a back-up), so you can access your preliminary determinations.

As noted in the story above, the statewide targets for proficiency in reading and math will remain at 2009-10 levels, rather than increasing as previously anticipated. In addition, the statewide goal for graduation rate will be reduced from 85 to 80 percent. See explanation in story above.

The Department of Education will share the link to the Report Card publicly on Tuesday, July 26, which gives school leaders time to alert key constituents such as school boards. Districts are welcome to share local results publicly; however, we ask that you do not share state-level results or the link to the online Report Card until the morning of July 26. Again, this process allows districts time to share information locally as they see fit.

Users should note that the Report Card webpage will look different from previous years. Each district’s and school’s results will be available via a PDF document only; in the past, results also were available on a live webpage.

Districts will have 10 working days to appeal preliminary determinations, and the department will respond to all appeals within 30 working days.

If you are a superintendent who is new to the position, please provide the department with your contact information so that we send your district’s preliminary AYP results to the correct email address. Contact Jennifer Rattling Leaf at (605) 773-4703.