Congress still seeking budget solution for Federal FY 2011
Federal education funding for the current fiscal year is in flux, while state and school officials eagerly await a resolution.

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Check your district’s waiver status now

Districts should review the status of any current waivers from administrative rule and make any necessary applications soon. After approval by the department, waivers take effect at the beginning of the next school fiscal year on July 1.

A school district may apply for a waiver from South Dakota Administrative Rule governing school accreditation, in order to implement an alternative plan that better addresses local learning goals, enhances educational opportunities, promotes equity or increases accountability.

While many waivers last for five years, some have a shorter life span. One of the most common waivers among districts is to offer high school credit for Algebra I at the 8th grade.

For further explanation and access to application forms, click here.

For a list of current waiver holders, click here.

Questions can be directed to Carol Uecker, Department of Education, at (605) 773-4771 or