Congress still seeking budget solution for Federal FY 2011
Federal education funding for the current fiscal year is in flux, while state and school officials eagerly await a resolution.

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Secretary's Column
By Dr. Melody Schopp,
Interim Secretary
Department of Education

Odds and ends

We are entering the final week of the legislative session, and as usual, budget decisions come down to the last few days. Our office will issue a legislative summary once everything has wrapped up. I know that SASD and ASBSD will be keeping you in the loop as well.

Like the rest of the country, we will be watching the action in Washington, D.C., as it relates to this yearís federal budget and the Presidentís proposal for next year. There are a number of moving parts, and we will be sure to share any information thatís pertinent to local education agencies.

Several days ago, we announced the appointment of Roger Campbell as the departmentís new Indian education director. Roger was selected by a group that included members of the Indian Education Advisory Council, the South Dakota Board of Education and department staff. We expect his experience and strong relationships in Indian country to serve the department well, and to assist the advisory council as they move forward with developing a strategic plan specific to the education of our Native American students. Roger will join the department on March 9.

The Board of Education will meet March 21 in Pierre. This monthís agenda will include updates on a variety of topics. School administrators are always welcome to attend and/or provide input to board members prior to meetings.

On behalf of the people here at DOE, I want to express our thanks for the work that you do on behalf of South Dakotaís young people. We are grateful to be partners with you and the thousands of dedicated educators across the state who spend each day challenging South Dakota students to achieve at their highest potential!