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Preparing for Ethernet connection

As many of you may know, the state is working on a project to upgrade all schools’ bandwidth connections to a Fast Ethernet connection. In this process, there will be new telecommunications equipment along with a fiber connection that will need to be installed at your school.

Normally this equipment would be placed in the DMARC room or the telecommunications room. In some cases, this could also be a boiler room, storage closet, etc. In most cases, it is where the telephone system is installed.

However, some schools have what is called an extended DMARC. An extended DMARC is present when the circuit is terminated in the DMARC room and then wiring is run in some manner to another room where the state router and switch are located.

As you prepare for the transition to Fast Ethernet, please make sure that your technical coordinator, superintendent and the local telecommunications officer talk about where to place this new fiber. The state would suggest that it be placed in the same room as the state router and switch. NOTE: Fiber could have been already placed a while ago.

If the new fiber is not placed in the same location as the state router and switch, your school MAY need to pay for wiring to extend the DMARC to the state router and switch. The wiring length specification of cat5 cable is only 300 feet. If the distance between the new fiber and the state router is over 300 feet you will have to have to use fiber instead of cat5 from the DMARC to the state router and switch.

In summary: Please do a site survey with the local telecommunications company, superintendent and technical coordinator, so that the fiber which will provide the 10Mb Fast Ethernet connection is placed in the room where the state router and switch are located if possible.

If you have any questions, please contact the BIT/DDN Support group.