Plan for Leadership Academies announced
The Investing in Teachers, or IiT, initiative includes professional development opportunities for superintendents and principals. The PD is designed to build the foundational knowledge necessary to lead systemic change specific to implementing the Common Core and the standards for teaching.

Look for DOE at Joint Convention next month
The ASBSD/SASD Convention is Aug. 9-10 in Sioux Falls. Department of Education staff will present sessions on the new accountability system, next-generation assessments, and the longitudinal data system. Feedback gathered during sessions on teacher and principal evaluation will be shared with work groups meeting throughout the summer and fall.

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Education Reform Advisory Council named

The legislature has appointed the South Dakota Education Reform Advisory Council, one of six work groups outlined in House Bill 1234. Appointments were announced last month. The group will meet for the first time July 18-19 in Pierre. Members represent a variety of constituents including teachers, school administrators, school board members, and leaders of key educational associations.

This group has been charged with examining education reform issues and specifically reforms related to teacher compensation, teacher recruitment and retention, and student achievement.

Council members:
Sandy Arsenault
Bev Banks
Dean Christensen
Mary Day
Fred Deutsch
Pam Espeland
Cooper Garnos
Joe Graves
Mark Greguson
James Hansen
Jeff Holcomb
John Julius
Heath Larson
Rob Monson
Kristin Morse
Jeff Nelsen
Wade Pogany
Samantha Walder
Paula Weeldreyer

Legislators/Council members:
Sen. Jim Bradford
Sen. J. Mark Johnston
Rep. Larry Lucas
Rep. Tad Perry
Sen. Bruce Rampelberg
Rep. Jacqueline Sly

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