VIDEO: Gov. Dennis Daugaard and Education Secretary discuss education reform package on SDPB’s “Focus”.

Check out the Department of Education’s new YouTube Channel, and find several videos explaining the details of HB1234.

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AYP up in the air pending waiver application

South Dakota is awaiting a federal decision on its ESEA waiver application, which would release the state from certain requirements of No Child Left Behind. Right now, there are three possible scenarios that will affect this summer’s AYP determinations.

The first scenario is that South Dakota’s ESEA waiver will be approved by July 1. In this case, no AYP determinations will be made, but the state will still report all related data and issue a report card – just without AYP determinations.

If the state’s ESEA waiver is not approved, South Dakota has applied for a backup waiver, which would allow the state to hold AMOs steady at last year’s (2010-11) levels.

If neither waiver is approved, the state will run AYP determinations like it normally would, and those determinations would be released at the end of July.

In any case, the state will issue an online report card. However, the report card will look different than it has in years past, because the state is working with a new vendor to compile and report the data.