Legislature approves state training for Common Core & more
During the 2012 session, the Governor proposed and Legislature approved $8.4 million for training related to Common Core and other key areas.

Mathiesen presents on mass customized learning
South Dakota Board of Education member and TIE Director Dr. Julie Mathiesen presented on the topic of mass customized learning at the American Association of School Administrators’ National Conference on Education in Houston last month.

Preparing for the Dakota STEP
The 2012 Dakota STEP testing window beings on April 2 and will end April 20.

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PRF database now open

The Personnel Record Form (PRF) database reopened on Wednesday, March 7. You can now use the database to update staffing information or run reports. It can also be used to identify staff who are qualified to teach an assignment. It is recommended that you review the below items before the database closes again in June.

Areas of the PRF to Review and Update
• Employee who is no longer a staff person after working the first part of the school year. Do NOT change their record to reflect No Longer Employed. This will be done in the 2012-13 database.

• New Employee. If a staff person was employed after the database was closed you should add the staff person to the appropriate area of the PRF. The FTE and salary should reflect the time worked. Areas that should be reviewed are: Staffing; Classified Staffing; Paraprofessionals; Bus Drivers; and SPED Contracted Services

• Plans of Intent. Review each Plan of Intent. If the person has completed the requirement’s the Plan Status will show as Completed.

• Bus Drivers. If you employ or contract with a bus driver who had not taken the required Annual Training before the PRF closed, but has since taken that training, you should update their record.

• South Dakota Virtual School. Add new classes which are now offered through the SD Virtual School.

• Program Reviews. If you have had a Program Review since the PRF closed and you have information on the PRF that needs to be updated, you may do this now.

• Other Areas of the PRF. Review each area of the PRF to ensure the data is accurate.

For more information, contact Carla Leingang (605) 773-4638.