Legislature approves state training for Common Core & more
During the 2012 session, the Governor proposed and Legislature approved $8.4 million for training related to Common Core and other key areas.

Mathiesen presents on mass customized learning
South Dakota Board of Education member and TIE Director Dr. Julie Mathiesen presented on the topic of mass customized learning at the American Association of School Administrators’ National Conference on Education in Houston last month.

Preparing for the Dakota STEP
The 2012 Dakota STEP testing window beings on April 2 and will end April 20.

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Preparing for the Dakota STEP

Dakota STEP-A testing is underway and administration of the Dakota STEP will begin soon. The 2012 Dakota STEP testing window beings on April 2 and will end April 20. “The testing process will be very similar to last year, except for embedding 20 Common Core State Standards items. These 20 items will not make the test any longer and will not be for accountability,” said Gay Pickner, assessment director, South Dakota Department of Education.

As in previous years, students in grades 3-8 and 11 will be tested in reading and math. Science is tested in grades 5, 8 and 11, but only participation (not scores) are counted toward the calculation of adequate yearly progress.

Districts should receive their testing materials from Pearson the week of March 12. All testing must be completed within the established test window.

Throughout the testing window, Department of Education staff will visit various districts across the state. Staff will contact the district’s testing coordinator at least 48 hours in advance to discuss this visit.

Questions regarding administration of the Dakota STEP should be directed to Gay Pickner, Department of Education, at (605) 773-3247.