DOE’s Director of Operations & Information gives an update on education-related bills

February is CTE month
Each February, students and teachers across South Dakota and the nation take time to recognize the value of career and technical education. As has become tradition in South Dakota, officers of the Career and Technical Student Organizations will visit the Capitol in Pierre next week to showcase CTE. >>>LEARN MORE

Legislature debates school sentinels, ESA funding
The 2013 legislative session is underway. Education committees have heard bills related to ESA funding (SB 76), and school sentinels, HB 1087. Click here to find the latest updates related to any 2013 billl, and for brief education-related updates, follow the South Dakota Department of Education on Twitter.

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Department to release District Readiness Tool

Common Core professional development – now what? The South Dakota Department of Education will be hosting a meeting for curriculum directors and principals on Feb. 7 in Fort Pierre to offer them a chance to interact with a draft Common Core District Readiness Tool.

The tool is designed to help guide districts through implementing the Common Core Standards. The goal of the tool is to identify steps and decisions districts can be take or consider outside of sending their teachers to professional development. A few of the steps/decisions identified in the planning tool are: review current resources and supplemental materials for alignment to the new standards; discuss the option to implement standards-based report cards; develop a district curriculum and assessment plan.

The Readiness tool is a conversation starter and planning tool used by a leadership team. The tool will help districts plan over the next three years to create a Common Core implementation timeline. Full implementation of Common Core cannot take place in one single year. Upon creating an implementation plan districts can plan for financial needs, inservices, implementation of new programs or structures, etc.

“The District Readiness tool will allow districts to have local conversations and paint a picture of where they’re at and next steps or decisions they could take,” said Becky Nelson, Curriculum Administrator with the Department of Education.

Contact Becky Nelson for more information.