DOEís Director of Operations & Information gives an update on education-related bills

February is CTE month
Each February, students and teachers across South Dakota and the nation take time to recognize the value of career and technical education. As has become tradition in South Dakota, officers of the Career and Technical Student Organizations will visit the Capitol in Pierre next week to showcase CTE. >>>LEARN MORE

Legislature debates school sentinels, ESA funding
The 2013 legislative session is underway. Education committees have heard bills related to ESA funding (SB 76), and school sentinels, HB 1087. Click here to find the latest updates related to any 2013 billl, and for brief education-related updates, follow the South Dakota Department of Education on Twitter.

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Secretary's Column
By Dr. Melody Schopp
Department of Education

Working toward student success

Last month, I took part in the South Dakota Education Associationís education summit. Itís always exciting to see people who are passionate about education come together and share ideas. I am happy that the Department of Education will be working together with SDEA through the Commission on Teaching and Learning in moving the discussion about teacher and principal evaluations forward.

We share a common goal of boosting student success, so it makes sense we band together to discover our full potential and maximize our impact in achieving positive student outcomes.

As you know, the legislative session is in full swing. There has been a flurry of activity recently as the deadline to drop bills passed. We, at the department, are tracking a number of bills, as Iím sure you are. The Legislative Research Councilís website is a great resource, and you can check out our Twitter Feed for updates.

Finally, as we celebrate Career and Technical Education Month, I would like to recognize the significant impact that CTE has in providing students with relevant and meaningful educational experiences. Thanks to all those CTE teachers out there for their dedication to students and their programs.