Hear Secretary Schopp and MetaMetrics President Malbert Smith discuss summer reading loss on SDPB's Dakota Midday

State increases bandwidth to more than 150 schools

The South Dakota Bureau of Information and Telecommunications (BIT), in partnership with the Department of Education, is working throughout the summer to increase bandwidth to 159 school sites across the state, impacting 122 school districts. Click here for more information.

Moore named interim director of Indian education for the state

Keith Moore of Sioux Falls has been named the interim director of Indian education for the South Dakota Department of Education.

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Consolidated Application is open

The Consolidated Application is now open. Please note that there have been significant changes made to the system this year changes designed to make the system easier to use. The changes are outlined in the first few slides of a PowerPoint presentation that was shared during an earlier webinar.

There have been some compatibility issues with the eGrant system and computers using the new version of Internet Explorer (IE 10). The state Bureau of Information and Telecommunications is working with the eGrant developer to find a solution, however until this issue is resolved, district users will need to use an older version of Internet Explorer to access the eGrant system.

The deadline to file all Consolidated Applications and Special Education Applications is July 1.