DOE’s Director of Operations & Information gives an update on education-related bills

February is CTE month
Each February, students and teachers across South Dakota and the nation take time to recognize the value of career and technical education. As has become tradition in South Dakota, officers of the Career and Technical Student Organizations will visit the Capitol in Pierre next week to showcase CTE. >>>LEARN MORE

Legislature debates school sentinels, ESA funding
The 2013 legislative session is underway. Education committees have heard bills related to ESA funding (SB 76), and school sentinels, HB 1087. Click here to find the latest updates related to any 2013 billl, and for brief education-related updates, follow the South Dakota Department of Education on Twitter.

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Upcoming Events

Common Core Standards for Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects
Feb. 4 – Feb. 27, 2013, Multiple locations statewide

The South Dakota Department of Education is providing workshops for the Common Core State Standards for Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects. Teachers of all content areas for grades 6-12 are welcome to attend. Participants will learn foundational components found in Common Core for ALL content areas. The workshops will include understanding of the standards as well as strategies for implementation.

Social Studies/History, Art, Music & World Language Training Dates
Feb. 4 – Plankinton, Plankinton School District
Feb. 7 – Huron, Crossroads
Feb. 25 – Sioux Falls, East Dakota Education Cooperative
Feb. 26 – Sioux Falls, East Dakota Education Cooperative
Feb. 27 – Mobridge, Pizza Ranch

Science & Technical Subjects Training Dates
Feb. 4 – Plankinton, Plankinton School District
Feb. 7 – Huron, Crossroads
Feb. 27 – Mobridge, Wrangler Inn

Deadline for registrations is two weeks prior to the training date, and a minimum of 20 participants is required. Graduate credit is available. Click here to find times, location and registration information for all workshop dates.

Method Test Prep training
Feb. 20, Rapid City

The department is hosting trainings on Method Test Prep. Method Test Prep is a free online ACT Test Prep that is available to students through SDMyLife. The trainings also will include information about the National Career Readiness Certificate. Through a pilot program with the Department of Labor and Regulation, many schools have already started to bring the NCRC opportunity to their students with great success. Contact Alyssa Krogstrand with any questions.

Click here to register.

Professionals – Challenging Behaviors: Helping all children be successful
Feb. 26 – March 1, Various locations statewide

Why do some children “lose it” over seemingly insignificant issues? What do you do when they won’t listen and even cover their ears? What do you do when everyday activities turn into battles no one wins? Challenging behaviors are about feelings and needs and the physical reactions they generate within the body. Recognizing the “physiology” of behavior and working with the resulting emotions is the key to stopping those behaviors before they ever start. Sponsored by the South Dakota Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs, five contact hours will be available to attendees.

Join Dr. Mary Sheedy Kurcinka to discover:
• The link between physiology and behavior
• How to build a relationship that keeps children working with you, even during tough times
• The REAL culprits behind challenging behaviors
• Effective strategies to help kids keep their cool and work cooperatively with others
• The pleasure of helping EVERY child be successful

Click here to register, or contact Wendy Jarvis for more information.

SDMyLife: Middle School Focus
March 5, Sioux Falls

Participants will learn to navigate and incorporate the features of SDMyLife that are best suited to middle school students. Included in this three-hour hands-on session will be the basics of accessing and utilizing middle school specific SDMyLife content, as well as lesson plans, instructional strategies, and implementation ideas ideal for middle school counselors, teachers, and career exploration classes. Continuing education units are available.

Click here to register, or contact Alyssa Krogstrand for more information.

SDMyLife: Customizing to fit your school
March 5 in Sioux Falls OR March 25 in Mobridge

Spend a morning with DOE’s Career Development team to find out ways to you can make SDMyLife work at your school. We encourage districts to send teams of two or three individuals. Create a plan for how SDMyLife can be incorporated in different classrooms and become a shared responsibility. For example, one teacher can facilitate the Career Matchmaker and another can start Personal Learning Plans. Take away some plans and activities as well as network and share your plans and ideas with other SDMyLife educators. Continuing education units are available.

Click here to register for the March 5 workshop,
Click here to register for the March 25 workshop.
Contact Alyssa Krogstrand for more information.

SDMyLife Network: Connecting students to the workforce
March 25, Mobridge

To help students identify their career path, transition successfully into post-secondary education and careers, and prepare to be productive citizens of the community, it is important for them to understand what the workforce demands. And who better knows the needs of employers than the employers themselves? You will learn how to leverage the expertise of employers to provide your students the information, advice, and encouragement they need. We will demonstrate how you can implement activities in the classroom to facilitate discussion forums between your students and career coaches in their careers of interest. Continuing education units are available.

Click here to register, or contact Alyssa Krogstrand for more information.

2013 Middle/High School (6-12) Science Academies
June 12 – July 11, Various locations statewide

South Dakota teachers will model three-dimensional instruction (Three Dimensions: Scientific and Engineering Practices, Disciplinary Core Ideas, and Crosscutting Concepts from the Framework for K-12 Science Education and NGSS) through activities and provide video evidence of this instruction occurring in South Dakota classrooms. The video footage is based on model lessons that have been aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards and South Dakota Science Standards.

Teachers will leave with three-dimensional lessons that can be immediately implemented and will gain an understanding of the vision for science education in South Dakota. Teachers also will leave the training with knowledge of the three-dimensional lesson-building process, which they can use to advance their curriculum.

This is a two-day regional training for middle school and high school science teachers. There are 10 locations with two trainings occurring per location. At each location, one training will be for middle school and one training will be for high school. Up to 60 teachers will be accommodated at each location, with 30 at each training. Stipends of $125/day, available through the Investing in Teachers effort, will be paid to each attending science teacher, for no more than two days of training. Therefore, teachers should only sign up for one training. A minimum of 20 teachers will be required to host a training.

Graduate credit will be available. More information will be sent out, post-registration, including what to bring, graduate credit information, specific location details, etc.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. Note: Registration closes April 26.

A complete calendar of Science Academy training dates is listed below:
June 12-13 – Aberdeen
June 12-13 – Rapid City
June 12-13 – Sioux Falls
June 19-20 – Mitchell
June 19-20 – Mobridge
June 19-20 – Pierre
June 26-27 – Watertown
June 26-27 – Yankton
July 10-11 – Rapid City
July 10-11 – Sioux Falls

For more details, visit the Department of Education website or contact Sam Shaw.