Hear Secretary Schopp and MetaMetrics President Malbert Smith discuss summer reading loss on SDPB's Dakota Midday

State increases bandwidth to more than 150 schools

The South Dakota Bureau of Information and Telecommunications (BIT), in partnership with the Department of Education, is working throughout the summer to increase bandwidth to 159 school sites across the state, impacting 122 school districts. Click here for more information.

Moore named interim director of Indian education for the state

Keith Moore of Sioux Falls has been named the interim director of Indian education for the South Dakota Department of Education.

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Smarter Balanced releases practice tests

Teachers, parents and students across the country can now access online practice tests aligned to the Common Core State Standards. The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium recently released sets of example test questions for grades 3–8 and 11 in both English language arts and mathematics. The Practice Tests will help schools prepare for the implementation of the Smarter Balanced assessment system in the 2014-15 school year.

The Practice Tests provide a preview of the types of questions that will be featured in the summative assessment beginning in 2014-15, including selected-response items, constructed-response items, technology-enhanced items, and performance tasks—extended activities that challenge students to apply their knowledge and skills to respond to real-world problems. The Practice Tests are freely available on the Smarter Balanced website: http://www.smarterbalanced.org/ practice-test/.

The Practice Tests do not include all the features of the operational assessments. Students and teachers will not receive reports or scores from the Practice Tests. Although Smarter Balanced assessments will be computer adaptive, the Practice Tests follow a fixed-form model. By fall 2013, Smarter Balanced will make enhancements to the Practice Tests, including the addition of performance tasks in mathematics, new accommodations for students with disabilities, and scoring rubrics.

The release of the Practice Tests follows the Smarter Balanced Pilot Test, the first large-scale tryout of items and performance tasks, which selected South Dakota schools took part in. The Pilot Test allowed the consortium to gather information about the performance of assessment items and the test delivery system under real-world conditions. More than 5,000 schools in 21 Smarter Balanced Governing States were recruited to participate in the Pilot Test from Feb. 20 to May 24.

In October 2012, Smarter Balanced released a set of sample assessment items and performance tasks. The consortium has also published: content specifications that translate the standards into assessment claims and targets; item and task specifications that specify how individual questions are to be written; and the preliminary test blueprints that describe the content of the test and how it will be assessed. These materials are available online at: http://www.smarterbalanced.org/ smarter-balanced-assessments/.