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SD Department of Education July 2015  

Board of Education to consider rule changes

Proposed administrative rule changes will be discussed at the upcoming Board of Education meeting, July 27, in Rapid City. The changes cover several areas, including creation of an intermediate mathematics endorsement. A summary of the proposed changes is below. The board also will hold a final public hearing related to proposed social studies standards.

• The effect and purpose of changes to § 24:10:42:28 (postsecondary technical institute per student allocation) is to increase the postsecondary technical institute student allocation to the level set for fiscal year 2016 by the legislature.

• The effect and purpose of changes to § 24:15:03:04 (revoke, suspend, or void a certificate) is to repeal that section.

• The effect of changes to chapter 24:15:06 (math endorsement) is to clarify the test required to obtain a 7-12 mathematics endorsement and create a 7-12 intermediate mathematics endorsement. The purpose is to create an endorsement for qualified individuals who are teaching only lower level high school math courses.

• The effect of article 24:18 (certificate denial and discipline procedures) is to detail the procedures for the denial of an application for a certificate, the duration of an order imposing discipline, the procedures for reinstatement, and the public or private nature of disciplinary records. The purpose is to provide more detail on processes and comply with new legislation from the 2015 legislative session.

• The effect of changes to chapter 24:40:05 (tuition equalization grant program), chapter 24:40:09 (Robert C. Byrd honors scholarship program), chapter 24:40:11 (Christa McAuliffe fellowship program), § 24:43:09:05 (school term length grades 1-3), and article 24:54 (teacher compensation program) is to repeal all those provisions. The reason for these changes is that the statutory authority for these rules has been repealed by the legislature, or the programs are no longer funded.

To access the proposed rule changes in their entirety, click here.

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