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SD Department of Education May 2015  
Update Personnel Record Form by June 12

The Personnel Record Form database is open, and the deadline to make changes is June 12. As the Department of Education plans for the release of the state Report Card, it is important to be sure information in the PRF database is updated to reflect the most accurate information for your district.

PRF Timeline

May 15 —Praxis tests taken and passed after May 15 will not be received in time for teachers to be considered highly qualified. ETS has added additional locations for computer-delivered testing in Aberdeen, Huron, and Vermillion, plus existing locations in Rapid City and Sioux Falls. This will allow more options for individuals who need to pass a Praxis test in order to be considered highly qualified.

June 9 —Review the Highly Qualified reports for all staff to ensure accuracy.

June 12 —The PRF database closes for the summer.
    - Note: This is a change from prior years when it closed June 30.

Areas of the PRF to review and update

• Non-Authorized Position Code. The system does not automatically update the PRF to indicate a person is highly qualified after he or she passes the Praxis exam. If staff take and pass the Praxis test, districts will need to manually switch the person’s position code from non-authorized to “elementary school teacher,” “middle school teacher,” or “high school teacher” so the system can deem them highly qualified.

• Employee who is no longer a staff person after working the first part of the school year. If a staff person quit after the first part of the school year, districts will need to update his or her information. Do NOT change a person’s record to reflect No Longer Employed. This will be done next year in the 2015-16 database. Districts should open each assignment and update the quarters or trimesters a person actually worked at the school. Also update salary (if required) to reflect what was paid based on time worked.

• New Employee. If a staff person was employed after the database was closed in October, add the staff person to the appropriate area of the PRF. The FTE and salary should reflect time worked.

• Plans of Intent. Review each Plan of Intent. If the person has completed the requirements, the Plan Status will show as Completed.

• Bus Drivers. If a district employs or contracts with a bus driver who had not taken the required Annual Training before the PRF closed, but has since taken that training, the district should update the driver’s record.

• Program Reviews. If you have had a Program Review since the PRF closed, and you have information on the PRF that needs to be updated, you may do this now.

• Other Areas of the PRF. Review each area of the PRF to ensure data is accurate. A number of edit checks were completed on the data, but there can still be something which was not identified as a problem.

• Assurance Statement. The Assurance Statement does not need to be completed at this time.

Contact Jantina Nelson-Stastny, Department of Education, at (605) 668-2904 with questions.

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