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Harrisburg South Middle School library
State Library offers professional development at no cost

The South Dakota State Library offers professional development and consultation to all South Dakota schools at no cost. In-services can be customized and are available to districts with or without libraries or library staff. A training day could include a half day of consultation with the school library, administration, and/or the literacy or curriculum team and a half day of in-service for all professional and classified staff. SDSL staff are also available for further assistance and consultation at any time.

Call the South Dakota State Library at 1-800-423-6665 for more information or to schedule an in-service.

The in-service options listed below are geared toward K-12 staff and focus on electronic resources provided through statewide subscriptions.

Grounded in Evidence: Sparking Wonder in Your Students
How do I spark student interest in my content area? Learn how to find and integrate appropriate literary and informational texts into your lessons. This training will share strategies to spark student interest in classroom topics and develop higher order thinking skills.

Sorting Through it All: Recycle, Reuse, Renew
How do I help students sort through all the information available to them and identify what is accurate and credible? This training will share strategies for evaluating and curating online resources.

Pushing Out the Walls: Expanding Resources for Your School and Community
Where do I find the resources I need to deliver standards-based instruction? Digital resources provide the opportunity to go beyond the textbook. This training will share strategies for using e-resources to meet the needs of all learners and learning environments.

Voices From the Past: Using Primary Sources
How do I connect my students to the raw materials of learning? Primary source documents such as letters, journals, photographs, newspapers, historical maps and genealogical records are now easily accessible with digital tools and provide opportunities for students to practice higher order thinking skills by analyzing evidence. This training will share strategies for finding primary source documents to complement instruction.


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