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Letter from the Secretary
SD Department of Education Sept. 2016  

Encourage students to take college readiness coursework
Some high school seniors have received a letter from the South Dakota Department of Education indicating they qualify for College Readiness coursework (Accuplacer/My Foundations Lab) to develop the skills needed to take credit-bearing coursework once they enroll in a South Dakota postsecondary institution. Students who did not meet the following college readiness benchmarks on the Smarter Balanced Assessment or the ACT received the letter:
  • Smarter Balanced English score of 2583 or higher (level 3 or 4) and math score of 2628 or higher (level 3 or 4) or
  • ACT English subscore of 18 and 20 in mathematics
As was the case last school year, students will have the opportunity to complete this coursework through the South Dakota Virtual School online option. Students interested in this opportunity will need to work with school counselors and/or principals to access the coursework. Find more details about the coursework on the South Dakota Virtual School website.

A handful of school districts are offering the same coursework (Accuplacer/My Foundations Lab), as a face-to-face option with a highly qualified math teacher supporting the students. If your district is interested in offering the face-to-face option, please contact Nicol Reiner with the South Dakota Department of Education.

As a reminder, starting with this school year, ACT, Accuplacer and SBAC scores will be used as part of the calculation for high schools’ College and Career Readiness indicator in the School Performance Index.

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