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Aug. 2017  
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Board adopts principal evaluation rules

The South Dakota Board of Education Standards met July 17 and adopted principal evaluation rules that provide additional flexibility at the local level. Amendments were made to the proposed rules to address concerns expressed by superintendents during the public comment period.

The rules that were adopted simply state that districts shall evaluate principals and assistant principals based on the South Dakota Framework for Effective Principals. The following requirements were removed from the proposed rules:

  • School growth component and rating
  • Include at least one component from each domain from the Framework for Effective Principals
  • Professional practice rating
  • Summative rating
In addition, language was added to clearly communicate that the rules do not supersede the authority of a district to dismiss or non-renew a principal or assistant principal.

There was no change to the waiver requirement. If a district evaluates principals using the South Dakota Framework for Effective Principals, then a district does not need to submit a waiver to the Department of Education. If a district would like to use other standards, then districts can still apply for a waiver.

Finally, the department received a question about whether SLOs are still a requirement since they were removed from the principal evaluation rules. The answer is yes: Teachers are still required to implement SLOs as part of the Teacher Effectiveness system. Please direct any questions to Matt Gill, with the Department of Education, at (605) 773-8193.


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