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View video at Why should high school students care about Smarter Balanced scores?

As schools prepare to administer this year’s statewide assessment, this is a reminder that all six of South Dakota’s public universities accept Smarter Balanced scores as evidence of students’ readiness for credit-bearing coursework in English and math (the same way ACT scores can be used).

High school students’ performance levels on the Smarter Balanced assessment are listed on the Infinite Campus Board of Regents transcript. Scores at Levels 3 and 4 qualify students for entry-level, credit-bearing courses and exempt them from remedial courses.

In coming months, through an Infinite Campus update, students’ scale scores will also be listed on the Board of Regents transcripts.

“Our institutions are using Smarter Balanced scores recorded on the transcript to assist with the math and English placement process for South Dakota graduates,” said Paul Turman, vice president for Academic Affairs with the South Dakota Board of Regents. “Especially in mathematics, with the new Math Index score process, there are instances where having access to the Smarter Balanced score can ensure that students are appropriately placed into credit-bearing coursework once they first enroll.”

A summary of the South Dakota Board of Regents placement guidelines for credit-bearing math and English courses is available on the Department of Education website.

Using Smarter Balanced scores is an option for students. South Dakota Board of Regents institutions accept the scores, but do not require them. Students can also qualify for credit-bearing coursework based on ACT scores and/or qualifying Accuplacer test scores.


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