April 17, 2013



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Growth Model work group narrows down studies

South Dakota’s Growth Model work group met via conference call last month to discuss further analysis of the seven growth models selected for consideration for use in the state’s new accountability system.

The work group discussed the pros and cons of each of the seven models and then came to a consensus to eliminate the Projection, Categorical and Trajectory models. The Gain Score model was also tentatively taken out of consideration for the time being.

Group members felt the Projection Model was similar to the Residual Gain Model but believed the Residual Gain Model would provide a truer measure of student growth. Overall, group members had problems with the Categorical Model because it didn’t do enough to help or take into account those students who were “in the bubble” between Basic and Proficient categories.

Group members particularly liked the Student Growth Percentile Model and felt no matter which model they end up choosing, it is important to select a model that accurately measures students’ academic achievement and will also be easy for parents and the public to understand.

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