Feb. 20, 2013



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Professionals – Challenging Behaviors: Helping all children be successful

Feb. 26 – March 1, Various locations statewide

Why do some children “lose it” over seemingly insignificant issues? What do you do when they won’t listen and even cover their ears? What do you do when everyday activities turn into battles no one wins? Challenging behaviors are about feelings and needs and the physical reactions they generate within the body. Recognizing the “physiology” of behavior and working with the resulting emotions is the key to stopping those behaviors before they ever start. Sponsored by the South Dakota Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs, five contact hours will be available to attendees.

Join Dr. Mary Sheedy Kurcinka to discover:
• The link between physiology and behavior
• How to build a relationship that keeps children working with you, even during tough times
• The REAL culprits behind challenging behaviors
• Effective strategies to help kids keep their cool and work cooperatively with others
• The pleasure of helping EVERY child be successful

Click here to register, or contact Wendy Jarvis for more information.

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