Jan. 16, 2013



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DOE renews focus on student outcomes

A new year is often looked upon as a time to refocus energy or start in a new direction. The South Dakota Department of Education has set a lofty goal that all students will graduate high school college, career and life ready.

The department has identified four key student outcomes that are vital for achieving the overall aspiration of students who are college, career and life ready. They are:
1.) All students will enter 4th grade proficient or advanced in reading.
2.) All students will enter 9th grade proficient or advanced in math.
3.) The gap for Native American students is eliminated.
4.) Students graduate high school ready for postsecondary or the workforce.

In addition, the department has identified critical foundational supports that lay the groundwork for student success. These are:
1.) Students have access to high quality standards and instruction.
2.) Students are supported by effective teachers and leaders.
3.) Students enter schools that provide an environment conducive to learning.
4.) Students have opportunities to engage in 21st century learning.

Additional information about the various benchmarks and supports will be provided throughout the coming year. To hear a discussion about the department’s aspiration and key student outcomes, click here to view a video clip featuring Secretary of Education Dr. Melody Schopp and School Administrators of South Dakota’s Rob Monson.

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