Jan. 16, 2013



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Blueprints provide guide to teaching Common Core standards

For many educators, Common Core means taking a whole new approach to teaching. Thatís why the Department of Education has partnered with TIE and worked with state and national education experts to create the Common Core Blueprints for South Dakota teachers.

These Blueprints can be accessed under Tools on the MyOER site, and give a possible unit or lesson title, a suggested time or length, and lists all the standards to be explicitly taught and mastered for each instructional focus. Some Blueprints also contain a list of suggested resources for each focus.

The Blueprints are split up by subject and grade level. Some are even broken down by unit or concept, so teachers may refer to multiple Blueprints in one year.

A corresponding checklist gives teachers a yearlong overview of what standards are explicitly taught and assessed in each Instructional Focus. By seeing the year as a whole, teachers see how many times a standard is taught and assessed, helping them work with students who are not mastering the skills.

It may be helpful to have the Blueprints on hand when looking at the checklist. For more information, contact Becky Nelson at (605) 773-4681.

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