Jan. 16, 2013



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Second draft of Next Generation Science Standards now online

A second draft of the Next Generation Science Standards was made available online earlier this month. The public comment period will be open through Jan. 28.

South Dakota was one of 26 lead states involved in development of the standards, and a team consisting of science educators from around the state was involved in parts of the drafting and reviewing process.

Since the May 2012 release of the initial draft, NGSS lead states and the writers evaluated tens of thousands of comments collected during the first public comment period and worked on revising the standards. A feedback report will be issued together with the second public draft that will explain how feedback was handled and why.

After the review and revision following this second round of public comment is complete, a final draft will be made available to states for possible adoption later this spring. Currently, the final draft is scheduled to be out in April.

Nearly 15 years have passed since the National Research Council and the American Association for Advancement in Science produced the seminal documents on which most states’ science standards are based. Since that time, major advances in science and our understanding of how students learn science have taken place.

The National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences developed the Framework for K-12 Science Education, which was released July 2011. The framework describes a vision of what it means to be proficient in science; it rests on a view of science as both a body of knowledge and an evidence-based, model and theory building enterprise. That framework is what the Next Generation Science Standards are based on.

Click here to view the standards or submit a comment.

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