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Building a Standards-Based Report Card 101

Feb. 13 and June 3, Rapid City
Feb. 20 and June 5, Sioux Falls
Feb. 26 and May 21, Mobridge
Feb. 27 and June 9, Mitchell

The South Dakota Department of Education is offering an opportunity to learn the essential steps in building an effective standards-based report card. This training will get your school/district on the right track to implementing a standards-based report card. It will focus on purpose, help align standards to student learning and assist in recording students’ progress and achievement based on standards. The intent is to offer one approach to developing a standards-based report card through thoughtfully planned efforts and practical ideas.

The training will be on the two separate dates listed for each location with time allotted in the interim to work on the report cards (homework for obtaining 1 graduate credit).

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