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April 2017  

TEACHER FEATURE: How to build a school library

This is Janell Stoeger’s first school year as the Todd County Middle School librarian. Since the school district has not had a librarian for a while, she has been building up the collection and improving the space.

What is Book Smack?
I’ve started a class called Book Smack, which is a quarter-length class, with 6th, 7th and 8th grade sections. We’ve watched YouTube videos about how books are made. We’re talking about fiction and nonfiction genres, the Dewey Decimal System, focusing on some of those basic skill sets. We’ve also done some Readers Theatre performances for kids in Valentine, Neb. In May, I’m planning to take a group of 7th and 8th graders to the Journey Museum in Rapid City, as well as the teen makerspace in the Rapid City Public Library.

Some of your students are helping younger readers, too, is that right?
Yes. This quarter’s group of 6th graders has been going over to a 1st grade classroom at our elementary school and reading with a partner every Thursday. We recently took some poetry books over: Shel Silverstein, some Dr. Seuss. The students partner up, and the 6th graders read to the 1st graders. The 1st graders have also read to the older students, so it’s oral reading practice for everyone. We’re planning to get them all together for lunch sometime, too. And we’re also planning for the 6th graders to have recess with their readers, so that should be fun.

What is it like to build a completely new library program?
I feel very blessed to have a superintendent, assistant principal and principal who want to see this library be successful. They want it to be the heart of the school, a place where kids enjoy being. I’ve had a lot of support. My administrators have made updating the library a priority. In addition to updating the collection, we replaced the carpeting. New furniture is a possibility for next year as well.

How are you developing the collection?
I’m using LibraryWorld® to set up a card catalog. After weeding the old collection, I started making and finding lists of books to purchase. I want the collection to cover the needs of low-level to high-level readers. I also want books to appeal to a wide variety of middle school student interests: sports, science, romance, suspense and really, everything in between.

I ordered five copies of each of the YARP [http://library.sd.gov/LIB/YAS/yarp/index.aspx#.WO4-S2e1u70] (Young Adult Reading Program) books, so students could participate and vote in that program. I’m hoping to build some more excitement around that next year as well.

What books have been popular?
We have several of Rick Riordan’s series. He writes the Percy Jackson books. Lisa Schroeder’s “The Bridge From Me to You” has been very popular. I have quite a few fiction-in-verse fans. Sonya Sones has written several of those: “One of Those Hideous Books Where the Mother Dies,” “What My Mother Doesn’t Know,” “What My Girlfriend Doesn’t Know.”

I wish there were more fiction books featuring middle school Native American students as the main character, so my students could see themselves in the pages of a book. That has been a definite challenge. I have had some success with reading aloud some Native American short stories. “Moccasin Thunder” is a collection of short stories that kids have enjoyed hearing.

How do you network with other librarians?
Alissa Adams, the State Library’s school library technology coordinator has been fabulous. She’s visited the school and has offered great support via email. State librarian Daria Bossman has directed me to some grant opportunities and other information. And I attended the South Dakota Library Association conference last fall. I’m on the YARP Committee for next year, too, so that will also help me build some relationships with other librarians.

April is National School Libraries Month.
Happy School Library Month!

Thank you, school librarians, for all you do for South Dakota students. Today’s school libraries are hubs of activity where students study, research and read for fun. They are also collaborative learning labs where students invent and explore.

SD Mentoring Program. Mentoring. Engage. Encourage. Empower.

Successful completion of mentoring program = certificate renewal

The statewide mentoring program provides a first-year teacher access to a mentor teacher for a period of two years. Successful completion of the program meets certificate renewal requirements for both mentors and new teachers. After completing the program, participants can also purchase six graduate credits.

Read more at doe.sd.gov/mentoring

Provide feedback on proposed standards revisions by
May 15

Standards work groups will reconvene in June to consider feedback from K-12 educators on proposed revisions to South Dakota’s math and English language arts standards and make any necessary changes. A toolkit [http://doe.sd.gov/ContentStandards/documents/StandTool.pdf] is available to help guide districts in discussing proposed revisions. The deadline for providing feedback is May 15.

Both sets of standards will receive four public hearings before the state Board of Education during the 2017-18 school year.

If the board approves the proposed standards, 2018-19 would be capacity-building years for revised ELA standards, with educators expected to teach to the new standards in school year 2019-20. Students would be assessed on the new standards for the first time in spring 2020.

Pending board approval, capacity-building for revised math standards would take place 2018-20. Educators would be expected to teach to the new standards in school year 2020-21, and students would be assessed on the new standards for the first time in spring 2021.

Find detailed information on the revision process for both sets of standards on the Department of Education website:

  • Math [http://www.doe.sd.gov/contentstandards/math-review.aspx]
  • English language arts [http://doe.sd.gov/ContentStandards/ELA-review.aspx]

CTE LOGO Division of CTE collecting feedback on career cluster standards

This summer, the South Dakota Department of Education’s division of career and technical education will lead work groups in reviewing and revising CTE course standards in the following career clusters:

  • Business Management & Administration
  • Capstone Experience Courses
  • Government & Public Administration
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Marketing
  • Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

More information on the full revision cycle is outlined in the graphic below.

Educators who teach courses in the above career clusters are invited to provide feedback on the current standards via a feedback survey [https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/6YM6SYD], which is open until June 1. If there are standards that have been frustrating or difficult to teach in certain classes, or if educators would like to see different courses developed, now is a good time to weigh in on the revision process. Educator feedback is important and will be used to help guide teacher work groups this summer as they revise the current standards.

Find a full-size version of this graphic at http://doe.sd.gov/pressroom/zebra/news/17/April/images/CTE-timeline-LG.png

CTE Standards Revision Timeline. Read details at doe.sd.gov/octe/careerclusters.aspx.

School Libraries Boot Camp. July 17-20, 2017. Pierre, SD. Boot Camp 2017: School Library Services for a Multicultural Student Body

The sixth annual School Library Boot Camp will be held July 17-20, at the South Dakota State Library in Pierre. All educators are welcome: librarians, classroom teachers, technology integrationists, paraprofessionals and administrators. Registration closes June 1.

Read more at http://library.sd.gov/LIB/DEV/training/bootcamp/index.aspx#School.

Teacher Swap Meet June 15 in Sioux Falls

The Sioux Falls Public Schools Education Foundation is hosting the Education Foundation Teacher Swap Meet June 15, from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. CDT, at the Convention Center in Sioux Falls. The swap meet is designed to help K-12 teachers from the Sioux Falls region buy, sell or trade personal teaching supplies.

Any teacher from the Sioux Falls region is welcome to reserve a table at no charge to sell personal supplies. Teachers may reserve a table by emailing TeacherSwapMeet@gmail.com. The registration deadline is May 15.

“Shopping will be open to the public, and there won’t be an entry fee,” said event coordinator Amy Scott-Stoltz.

More details about the swap meet are available on the event’s Facebook page [https://www.facebook.com/SFTeacherSwapMeet/].

Upcoming Events

Except where otherwise noted, details on the following events are available at GoSignMeUp [http://southdakota.gosignmeup.com/].

Learning Express trainings
April 20, Rapid City
April 21, Pierre

South Dakota Early Childhood Education Conference
April 20-22, Sioux Falls

TIE conference
April 23-25, Rapid City

Perkins Data Collection Training
April 25, Pierre
April 26, Rapid City
April 27, Mitchell
May 1, Sioux Falls

South Dakota State Historical Society History Conference
Laura Ingalls Wilder: A 150-Year Legacy
April 28-29, Sioux Falls

Board of Education
May 15, Rapid City

Fundamentals of Using Data for Educators
June 5, Vermillion
June 6, Watertown
June 9, Rapid City

CTE 101
June 19, Rapid City
July 11-13, online
Aug. 2, Brookings
Aug. 9, Chamberlain

Advanced Data Use Skills for Educators
(Prerequisite: Fundamentals of Using Data for Educators. Educators may sign up for both courses in the same summer.)
June 26-Aug. 11, online

MTSS Summer Education Conference
June 28-29, Chamberlain
(Note: This conference is on as scheduled. Any link indicating that it has been canceled is wrong.)

Save the Date!

  • South Dakota Education Conference
    July 11-12, Pierre
  • Indian Education Summit
    Sept. 24-26, Pierre

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